Tuesday, December 27, 2011

A view from the top

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High above the trees we lie,
together we manage
to touch the sky.

The noise and the traffic
stand at the foot below.
The air saver different here,
but the thunder and lightening seems
to increase our fear.

The air winding up the speed,
with a spring in their tide
it rattles my hair
and strokes my body
giving me goosebumps from within.

The pedestrians fail to make their mark,
as I continue to stare down at the park.

The children dancing around,
with a lobe about their body
they wonder here and there.
Swirling up and falling on top of others.

A lady with a torch
abide some distance apart,
with a book in her hand,
appears as if her world has come to a halt.


Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Dilemmatic situation

I read this in a sequel of a book, where the writer expresses his worries about the success of it. His reasons of worries were: if the sequel turns out to be like the 1st one; you will be blamed “you are a one-trick pony."
 And if the sequel turns out totally different; then you will asked” this is supposed to be a sequel, did you forgot that? “

But incidents in life are not sequel of a book, are they? 

Imagine a situation where you have done a thing once and after few years it happens again, a creepy thought might arise “it is happening again” and questions like “does it suppose to be like the previous one or it should be different?". Your mind automatically tunes into that frequency, where you start comparing the two scenarios. You don’t want to.... but you can’t help it.

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Sometimes your steps might tremble when you know there’s nothing wrong but still.

Let’s imagine another situation where you had a bad encounter with a person but you somehow dealt with it, but after few years you stand before that same bank. 
It may happen that the bank this time, is protected and the tides are not strong either. But your heart never listens to you and it orders your mind to sow  a negative thinking.

And together they betray you, again ?

Monday, December 12, 2011

emotional burst....

Whenever I say I am happily settled in my life something or other happens and everything breaks into pieces.  One time was bearable; two times Ok I have a bad luck but again!

Two years three friends lost, countless number of contacts broken (intentionally) I thought life was hard on me but now I think it’s me who is unacceptable.

As I scrip down on the keypads with my roommate snoring away in the corner at two in the morning to one in particular, I wanna express my feelings for them.
To all those lost relations and to the one I lost today…

I was naïve, dumb and shy,
For your grace. I have climbed this mountain,
As several highs and lows proved futile.

It’s your grace,
I am scribbling these lines on paper.
 I still remember how I used to dread The English literature.

Some say I am talented,
Some say I am a writer.
Little do they know, you are the reasons,
Behind every scene and picture.

image credits  here

I miss you all....

Saturday, December 10, 2011


In our exhausting hours when we close our eyes it’s mandatory a face or may be a memory will flash before our eyes, but the duration of its stay depends on our activities we do following that incident. 
We may choose to avoid it by engaging in some priority works in hand or in some cases the person may sit and give it a thought as to ‘why it happened.?’

There are some moments in life which you wish to delete forever, or wish it never happened it the first place. But how often life takes our wishes?? 
Sometimes it takes an auspicious turn; a wicked one, which strikes you completely offguard. And you fall with your face flat! A wicked one, indeed!

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Having a special one on your side can prove a boon, but don’t make them go away because it’s then the problem starts. If the mistake proves to be large enough you will end up losing them forever. And how often we curse ourselves for the stupid things we once did and wish………….Ah, life never makes you amend those wrong decisions!

Disappointment is what is left behind. It’s better to take smart decisions than to cry over the wrong ones. Yes, there is the option of moving forward, but it seldom happens quickly. 

Here I would like to introduce a new word TIME. It heals the worst of scars.

Someday I laugh someday I cry,
Some strings are touched, some are left behind.
Some are wired, some hang outside.

Some emotions are confessed, some hide inside.
Words are few to describe you my feelings,
Some are strong; some lie weak in the stand.
Still, the regret of letting you pass cannot subside.


Thursday, December 8, 2011

Musings of a drunken girl.

drunk she was,
uttering twaddle from the start.

abusing her roommate
with frustrated and disgusting tone,
threatening to kill her today.

With few days to go,
waiting zealous for her mate to arrive.
Dreaming about him everyday,
hugging, with her arms stretched wide.
" with a week with him !!
dude, I am already on cloud nine "

assuring me, our friendship
would survive, breathing heavily...
even if the situations are turned futile.

The vodka shots are weaving their sorcery,
for her voice, gradually losing its intensity.
" Of the roads ahead,
you would find a suitable match.
Perhaps, I would only be omitted,
for my innocence and left behind. "

Amending her tone, she continued...
"you do value our friendship
or else we won't be here discussing.
You are my favorite,
let this friendship last,
even if it had a wavy start."

P.S-  written after a friend of mine called me in a drunken condition and kept reminding me of our friendship.

Monday, December 5, 2011

कुछ अन्कही बातें.

सामने हो कर भी उनसे कुछ कह न पाए,
लफजो मे उलझे रहे, गुफतगु हम कर न पाए I
बेमतलब ही बूनतें रहे सपने हजारों
और अरमान चाहत के,
आलम जब आया सामने, ईज़हार हम कर न पाए II
एक टक देखते रहे उन्हे दूर से ….
और चेहरा उन्का निहारते रहे मन कि तस्वीर से I
शाम निकल गई इसी असमन्जस मे,
पर उन कतारो के आगे कभी बढ न पाए II
दिल कहता रहा उन्से बात कर…
अपनी चाहत कि गहराई अपने लफजो मे बया कर,
ये चिंगारी बूझ ना जाए रात ढलने से पहले
इन तारो को गवाह बना, तू अपनी मोहब्बत का ईज़हार कर… II
भीड़ मे भी नीगाहे बस उन् पर बनी रही,
लाल लीवाज की छाई आंखो पर पड़ी रही
मौके की तलाश मे यूही भटकता रहे
खड़े थे वो सामने हमारे और हम बस आँख मचलते रहे   II
सामने हो कर भी उनसे कुछ कह न पाए,
लफजो मे उलझे रहे, ईज़हार हम कर न पाए.....
वकत की गाज हम पर आ गिड़ी....,
महफील मे जब उन्की उपस्थिति न मीली I
कुछ कहते  उससे पहले ही वो चले गए,
अरमान चाहत के सब बेमतलब रह गए,
लगा दि देर हमने बहुत
और इंतजार वो कर न पाए III

Thursday, December 1, 2011

a moment with you....

I saw her again, distant, beyond my reach, but close enough to remember her fragrance. Early in the morning, close enough to hear chuckle, feel her touch but not enough to leave an imprint.

A medium of channel beyond the towers and web of modern connections, which flows through one way and strong enough to shorten miles of distance in between.

At the end of which, it left old yet unforgettable chapters of love,showcasing slides in front of the eyes, beyond a click of the mouse, fresh enough to present every tiny detail and strong enough to shiver my soul from inside.

I wish I could have captured that glimpse, just like every other pic of her but it was too short to be captured and too weak to relive again.

All above it, I lived a moment with her, without her permission and beyond the curious eyes of the world. 

Far from restrictions and rules, yet close enough to get featured in my journal......

I miss you.


Wednesday, November 30, 2011

making your mark.

It's been long since I poured some meaningful sentences here. Apparently it's been long since I read some good post on bloggers; it may be showcased this way that “good posts were neglected by me".

I have subscribed to many blogs either through wordpress or e-mails (not to forget blogger) .But these days I seldom go through them.

Ever since this entrepreneur thing invaded my mind, it has striped out my interest in reading.

Coming back to the title, I read a post today ( I have been following her posts since my starting days). The thing is I have never commented on her blog, it’s not like I don’t like reading them but I never found a thing to comment on. Those posts have everything, and I don’t wanna share something that is already written or write something that will spoil it.

There had been many other cases where I moved forward without making my mark, but there are cases when I can’t control myself from scribbling few words.

The most important thing being: comments or no comments they never stop…And a blogger should never feed upon these.


Sunday, November 27, 2011

random thoughts.

Beauty of a person may not always touch your soul...
Sometimes it is beyound those glittering eyes..., 
that holds your gaze for the night.    

                                                                      -- Anurag.


Saturday, November 19, 2011

for it is difficult to say what is impossible.

“Are you sure we would be able to compete with the others around? I mean we are sole representatives from 1st year; the competitors would be our seniors “said Soumadeep.

“Dude, you are always crying about something or other. Chill, we are not here for competition; let’s just concentrate on the robot and give our best.”
“How can you be so confident Aryan?” cribbed Soumadeep again.
“I just have a gut feeling that we are gonna make it”
“I hope we don’t make a fool of ourselves there, I will come in the morning tomorrow” with these words he walked out of the room.

I was left there alone; the creepy sound of the fan ripped apart the silence. I just kept looking at the dispersed circuit components, the motor was not moving. Despite our several attempts we were unable to crack the reason behind this.

 Electrical seminar was due to start in a week and we were already short of time and this negativity of Soumadeep was not helping me or our project in any respect.

I was determined to prove my worth, I knew I will not quit, no matter what. But with the little knowledge that we, as a first year college possessed, things did looked pity gloomy.

For a moment, words of Soumadeep resonated in my mind but the second later I shooed it away. My dad had taught me – a quitter never wins and a winner never quits.

And I whole heartedly believed I belonged to the latter category. But where were we getting wrong?
The circuit design was perfect; it was designed by me. I had tested and retested its feasibility before setting it on the model. But the motor was not getting the power. ......

Read more, see Fabled Relations


Friday, November 11, 2011


हर zakham एक दर्द का ehsas dilati है.
दिल मे chupe हुए यादों के पास लाती है.
हमेशा रहता नही कोई साथ तुम्हारे,
ये यादें ही तो हमे उनसे rubaru karati है......

Read more  A rhymeless journey.


Saturday, November 5, 2011

Perpetual Journey #2

READ THE 1st part here

It's hard for me to handle everything and they are getting on my nerves. I never thought I would have to be this responsible, acting like a senior member of the family. I mean I am just 17. But then, I can’t let mom handle everything alone either.  
That’s life; it makes you bleed to posses the things you crave for.

In my case I just wanted a little happiness, a company to divert all the sorrows around; I was living a life of solitude here.

High school would starting tomorrow; this being the only route to my escape, it will keep me occupied. My mom and I were picking up the lost pieces of our lives. Though the process was tough but we were the only support for each other........

to read more, click HERE

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

A lot like Love.....

I saw this book in the "New Arrivals" section of flipkart, the writer's name sounded familiar and it took few min to figure out, it's the same from Just Friends.
I ordered it straight away, there are some bonds which writers build with the readers; a bond of  trust.
And Sumrit Shahi fulfilled my expectations or rather I should say expectations of many others (the book is already on best sellers list).

From the back –  

He’s a player. She knows the rules. They meet. Smile. Talk. Add each other on Facebook. Exchange BB pins. He asks her out for coffee. She agrees. Another coffee follows. So do movies, drives, moonlight walks, study dates, sneakouts, make out sessions.
Shadab and Arnika.
Both eighteen. Committed. In a relationship.
It’s a perfectly clichéd bubblegum love story...or is it?
For love today, comes with a ‘conditions apply’.
Career. Ambition. Practicality.
Different colleges. Different countries. Different aspirations.
A long-distance relationship.
They decide to give it a shot. Skype video calling. BBM. Lists of do’s and don’ts. Fidelity checks. Promises.
They’ve planned it all out.

But can love be planned?
Is chocolate a safer proposition for the heart?
Is cheating on your partner an offence only if your partner comes to know about it?

What happens when you’re in something which is A lot like love…a li’l like chocolate???

About the author

 His looks have changed, as I could recall from his last book.
   He is now 18 and his debut novel was published when he was just 17 and that too a National Best seller.

About the book –

When you upgrade to XI standard you might feel 10th class was fun, Sumrit makes you feel exactly that in the first book. Just Friends 
And then when you enter your college you beg for your +2 days to be back again, now Sumrit makes you feel that in his 2nd book.

Based on the lives Shadab and Arnika, who are in their high school and in love.

The style of writing has not changed and some phrases like "he smiled and she smiled" are repeated again, which I think works towards the positive aspect of the novel.

The basic skeleton of the story is an old theory, distance effects relationships, but he presents this in a fresh and surreal way. 
You actually enjoy and feel the words in the heart.
The sweetness of childhood combines with the hormonal imbalance of a teenager,a rare combo which makes the conversations humorous and in many cases romantic. 

Page 68,

‘I have always been a good boyfriend,’ he says.

“Always?” she raise her eyebrows. “How many?” she asks, taking another sip.

“Okay…let’s see,” he pretends to scratch his chin. “Can’t remember,” he winks.

“It’s easier for me,” she sits back. “Rahul,..Vikram..Ajit” Hits back hard.

He takes another sip from the beer can.
“And …I’m just kidding..it’s just Vikram and you know about it.” She says.

“And you know about Rhea, Rheaaa, those lips…God Imiss them,” he exclaims, just to check how possessive she feels.

“I know what you mean, Vikram was such a tongue-teaser,” she ends, giving a dreamy look.
“Oi” his efforts backfires.

“Yeah?” she replies unaffected.

And they drifted apart, not before spending wonderful and quality time together, nothing special I could add here. The author's works speaks volumes, grab a copy today (when you haven't laid you hands on the 1st one; in that case make it two copies).
 I promise you won't regret it.

Happy reading.  :)

P.S - Sumrit left some questions to be unfolded (just like in the previous one)
I wish all the success to him and hope he write the 3rd one next year.  ;)

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

It's your birthday.

Another year passed away and I couldn’t hear your voice, though I am happy and that I know you would enjoy your day today.

 I still remember the first time I had wished you; it brought happiness to both of us, for we were tied with the threads of love. 

But today those laces are broken and we lie miles apart. It haunts me; this situation proved a hell of a task for me to handle.

Your absence tore my piece of happiness, though I have lost a great but I guess it will never get notice. 

Winter has set in and with it brought back your memories; the smell of your cold cream, those endless marathons of talks under quilt, the silence of the night while we were busy making castle of dreams, the chilliness of the evenings when I used to arrive at your place…they still give me Goosebumps.  

Happy Birthday dear, (this time it is all more special for diwali happens to be on 26th as well.)

All those nights and days spend together…
I could not have asked for anything better.
They made me sing, they made me laugh.
together we left the world around...

I will remember you every morning,
with a smile on my face…
somewhere you would be having the same.
every time you would feel me.
crossing your lane.

Thursday, October 20, 2011


Imagine a situation when you wait for a friend to get in contact with, after may be….1 month! And you have tons of talk to share, few tears to be exchanged ….and MAY BE you are expecting same (or remotely close to that) from the other side as well.

But damn! It didn’t turn that way, neither from your side and ofcource, it would be useless to mention the other end!

I felt defeated, cheated and betrayed.

Let me tell you about this friend- she’s a girl, (and committed, NO not with me), we studied together in same school since kinder garden and we haven’t met for …….3 years. Thanks, to her busy schedule
Now, we are sort of…… phone friends!!  New term?? Or may be not! Oh, I forgot to mention I am in Kolkata and she’s in Delhi.

Now coming back to my dismay, it usually happens that she ignores my talks.....but this time it was heights!!

 The conversations didn’t lasted few minutes and she fell asleep in between one, ignored some of my comments.....and all this was after she forgot my birthday. Ignore wishing, I had to make her remember that she forgot.

Here are some of the conversations : 

S(friend) - how are you?

A- I am doing good, started blogging again.

S - good hai...so missed me idiot?

A- No, not at all, who gave you this misconception. I was too busy to think about you.

S- ya , ya ...who am I ? 

A- there you go, now you get the point.!

S - oh ho ! New English terms! great.

A - you know, I am a writer....

S- chal na...I know you in and out...writer! huh!

A- ahem, ahem. you know nothing of me inside..!

S - kutte ! pervert. !

A - what? I am just removing your misconceptions...

And now I think I am doing a little injustice to the proposed title. 

Giving a title to every post becomes so hectic, and that too when you are writing with literary nothing on your mind. 
Anyways I am empty with whatever I had, saw zindagi na milegi dobara. Ya, NOW. Was sort of busy, past three months. And I am glad I manged time for that. :)

.                                                                   -----X----

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

conversations with the cousin.

Cousin – di told me about you…

A – Hmmm...What?  (Romancing with the mobile, “damn! The balance is low”.)

Cousin – that,what was the turning point of your life…

A – what was it.?

Cousin – your last affair. !!!

A – (now that raised the alarms. Keeps the mobile aside ), so?

Cousin – so, I didn’t expected you to be involved in these things… you look so serious and focused. But di told me you had a different personality before.

A – (Chuckles)

Cousin – what was the reason?

A- I myself never understood the reason she gave me. May be I was not good enough for her.

Cousin – hmm...but you look sweet and cute!

A- You think so, not everyone around. 

Cousin – hmm...


Cousin – no contacts?

A- Not much, just few pleasantries on facebook. I wished her birthday last year.

Cousin –and she?

A- I block her every time mine comes.

Cousin – why do you do this? (A touch of seriousness arrives)

A- I don’t want her wishes, or perhaps I am afraid she would have forgotten me completely. Blocking her gives an excuse of escaping my proposed thinking........  But she did wish me valentine this year.

Cousin – that’s sweet. Which of course means she has not forgotten you?

A- May be, but I have given up all the hopes. It’s been close to 2 years now.

Cousin – I don’t think so, you still love her don’t you, bhaiya?


A – I cannot keep the thread holding, when the other end is slack. May be things were never meant to be, between the two of us.  

Cousin – so, when is next one coming?

*** lightens the atmosphere.**

A – (Answers with a smile) not that easy. Don’t have time for these now.

Cousin – but you may fall for someone, you never know. Someone right around the corner could be the one.

A – (Remembers the cute girl in his class) I won’t, my feelings are more controlled now.

Cousin – but it happens…

A – Enough! Now go to sleep, I have to catch the train and you gonna get up late for school, tomorrow.

Cousin – (with a grin she holds her teddy tight) good night, bhaiya.

A- good night,
Kids these days are just too curious about these (mummers to himself)


Thursday, July 28, 2011

Perpetual journey.

With reference to the blog post Teenage Love, I am starting this new and 3rd story.

Titled Perpetual journey (where every ending can be a new beginning). 
A journey of Stella, her mom and how she tackles her relations, old and new of her life. 

It  took me more than few months to initiate this one, though it was planned a little earlier but I kept procrastinating it over and over again. I found the pages today scrambled in between several other. And decided it was time to complete.

Just like these perennial rivers and streams, our life also moves on, no matter what happens, it just keeps on moving ahead. 

A small dot can stop a sentence but few more dots can give it continuity.
What will you do when life puts more boulders in your path than sleek slopes? Most of us would have surrendered. Well, not so Stella, instead of putting down her head she opted to fight for her family, love and for everything that came in her way.

Did she win her battles? What were those boulders? What was the result she got for all the effort? 

For more on the story see   Fabled Relations.


Wednesday, July 27, 2011

You were my crush! Till you said you love me !

The sizzling author of the love trilogy between Deb and Avantika, will be publishing his fifth book this year.

Durjoy Datta and Orvana Ghai are the authors of the book You were my crush! Till you said you love me. 

The cover page looks an total eye-candy and I am sure the contents inside, will do justice to already reached sky -high expectations of the fans.This will be hitting the stores coming September.

Everything under the sun has been said and written about Durjoy; let me give some information about his co-author here.

Orvana Ghai – 

She was born on the 3rd of March in Delhi, a place she has sworn in as her own and plans never to leave.
She did her schooling from Modern School, Vasant Vihar and still strongly believes in the school's elitism.
Later, she did her graduation from Jesus and Mary College, Delhi. Yeah, it was a girls' college! She doesn't want to make the same mistake with her post graduate college!
For the most part of her life, she has been pretty and intelligent. Though there are proofs of the former, she planned to prove the latter by writing a book by herself.

And the humor says Deb and Avantika are back with this book, which went missing in his previous release "OH yes I am single…"
The book has already gathered 28000+  fans and that too in its pre-release period.  

Starting with - love > kissed > break up > single and now crush! Those who have read his entire book collection will recognize the meaning of those words.

Take a look at his published books, DURJOY DATTA

One of the features of his novels is the long titles and awesome cover pages and he has maintained the tradition in the fifth version as well.
Here's a little introduction of what you gonna read, from the authors note -- ‎"You Were My Crush" is 
story about crushes, heartbreaks, relationships and immense loss. This book tries to delve 
 deeper into our bonds with our friends and family, while still maintaining a humorous tone throughout. 
P.S. - Deb And Avantika are back.   

Personally I have been a huge fan of his books, ever since I read the first one. And my hopes felt down when I saw Deb and Avantika missing in the previous edition.
Inspite of his rugged English, I cherish his books a lot, he connects with his readers very well and that's what matters.
Waiting eagerly and fingers crossed !   :)

Thursday, July 21, 2011

me myself and I

Currently I am stuck in  a dilemmatic situation, what to do and what not. Sometimes it’s (or may be always) good to be engaged in different work. One of friend got himself enrolled in a part time job, having been bored to death earlier, he is doing good now,busy from 6 a.m to 7p.m.

The problem with me here, is that all my activities all important, and they make up to the priorities list. I just can't follow all of them. 
Ah! I wanted to use these holidays smartly this time around but I am not doing so. Engulfed in previous memories, fighting a battle within myself, deciding what to do and ending up with nothing at all, useless TV shows….and what not.
And look today India-England test series is starting as well, just perfect! Now I am gonna sit all evening watching those matches and write a bit about them .

The fact is I ruined my holidays, yet again! Kudos to me. Well, should I congratulate myself? Gosh I didn’t worked on my body either, I am growing fat day by day, just sitting, typing and staring at the screen, such a lazy fellow! I hate myself.

That reminds me of a word I learned few months ago “procrastination”, the first time I saw it, I was like “why people use just big words? Opened up the dictionary and searched fir it (yeah, like a school kid, the fact is I am weak with words and spellings) and voila! It's meaning is so simple, didn’t expected that! 
Well, I learned a new word, end of the story.

Earlier, (or may be till today) I get my tales edited by my friend(s), for some loop holes. Sounds strange but I need that. 
And the best part(or may be the worst) is that the concerned person(s) never looked at the published post.
I call them my editor(s) !!

Plastic bags are banned here, the citizens are facing few problems but it's for the good. Let's see for how long it will prevail.
Earlier I used to think all Bengalis have originated from W.bengal, but few days ago one of my friends proved my theory wrong.

Nothing more to add up.!!  :)


Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Indian Blogs.

I am feeling a little of awkward as I run through the keyboard, searching for my next appropriate set of words. I think these set of things are required and I might believe them to be  healthy and encouraging, considering  it might come at a time when one is feeling all time low.!

Ah! Here it is: my blog has been selected among best Indian Blogs, 2nd time around. Earlier Blog Junta nominated me among The Best Blogs for 2010, in February. When they Summarized  the whole year of blogging in an survey. I had been categorized under the tag "blogging". BEST OF INDIAN BLOGOSPHERE 2010 POLLS

This time around the excitement is much more, as my name features among some top ranked authors like Rashmi Bansal and Abhijit Bhaduri and bloggers, which includes my favorites B Log (Insignia), and youth curry-Insight on Indian Youth (Rashmi Bansal).

 The mere presence of my name among them brought a 500 watt smile on my face. Though I didn’t manage to collect any special tag but still I will cherish this little success of mine with open arms.

Apart from the above mentioed persons some other Blogs that I recognize and  follow are:

Neha's blog ( Neha )  - Although she updates her blog occasionally and I never comment on them, but she writes them in a friendly way. The most impressive thing that I like is her little resume (or whatever one may call) in her “about me” section.

- Chocolaty Lover ( A naive beneath the star) – She is teenager and pours out her heart in this blog, everything from school, friendship….a excellent poet( I MUST ADD) ,her posts are quite humorous and I enjoy reading them.

Both of them are categorized under Personal musings; sharing experiences; family.

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Saturday, July 16, 2011

The saga of movies..

Half of the blogger world is flooded with Harry Potter news: “my world ends with Harry”, “it’s not the end”, and “the saga will be alive”… and what not! {Again, no harsh feelings against them} .But folks it’s just a series of movies!!

Personally I have also been following Harry Potter, ever since I saw its first part on POGO. And it has undoubtedly been a wonderful journey that kept lakhs of fans on their toes at every release.
Though I haven’t led my hands on any of its books {the size of them still frightens me} but one can call me a H.P fan too. !! ;)

Apart from H.P series, I like Transformers, Twilight, Pirates of Carrabian and Spiderman. And as the H.P series came to a halt, humor says it was the transformers released lately!

 Now that upsets me. It has been a little more than a year since I had started following it. But it had been among my favorite. To say the least, I have watched each part > 10 times and I am ready for more.

After Transformers comes Twilight saga, Oh! Mine, I am a hard core fan of this one. The thick volumes of Stephenie Meyer books doesn’t bother me either. The fourth part will be arriving this November. The action and romance keeps on increasing with part and the characters played by the film stars are wonderful as well. 

The chemistry between Bella and Edward has been beautifully expressed and described in her books, though the movies always fail short to present the whole chapters of the book but still I would say they did pity decent work to intrude us.

I have not seen Pirates of Caribbean yet, I mean the 4th part. The first 3 were heavily addicted and they were worth watching. The 4th one didn’t excite me much; the couple in it was removed. “Jack sparrow” is still running high in it, though!!

Spiderman bought excitement when it first arrived on the screens, but having been through all the episodes of its cartoon, there isn’t much left, which I don’t know about that flying creature.

That pity much summons up everything, hope there would be more of such intruing sagas of movies in the future as well.


Thursday, July 14, 2011

what I feel for you.

what I feel for you...?
is some cluster of sentiments,
wobbling like
clouds in the blue.

Every night I provoke in bed,
with a thought of you in my head.
Drenched in dreams of dismay,
or it was you sitting in my way.

What I feel for you...?
Is the years of love spend together,
and with you away ,I doubt
soon it will be over.

what I feel for you...?
Is the fragrance of your smell,
the softness of your touch,
But it aches to regard
my love,for you
was just a piece of crush.!

what I feel for you..?
Is our partial love,
abandon by someone,
in turbulence and disgust.



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