Friday, March 9, 2012

9th march.

Some things have been sorted out but there are things that need to nurture. I pressed gas on that unique service that will drive us faster in near future. Still the bridge to the monetary issue is not solved. This is the very reason for our slow growth.

Moving onto some positive aspects, my co-founder and the digital design expert created the site for the company. Although it is still in the beta version, we will be working to launch the main site as soon as possible.

Thursday, March 1, 2012

weak link.

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“There would always be a tear in the corner, not because you don’t care for me anymore. But for the fact that my life will never be same without you and no one will be able to fix it.”  
                                          -An emotional quotient. 


Friday, February 24, 2012

25th feb.

As if there were fewer problems to tackle, one more has popped out. Our hunt for funds by unorthodox way has ended; the reason being we found that “we would end up in paying more interest than the actual amount taken”. Too risky for a new start up.!! 
I wish that someone could escort us from this situation; so that we could focus on our work. I am not getting persons who shares our view or who syncs with our passion and ideas.

My work as the SEO navigator is increasing with each day and I am finding it tough to balance my personal and professional life. I have college internal lined up in the coming week and I cannot leave my freelancing work either; as it I the only source of income. (Keeping aside the money I get from my parents)

I need to devote more time on web, carefully framing strategies to build link for the platforms that we intent to develop in the next few months.

I am single but I have to handle work that can easily be divided between four persons. In between today happen to be Late Steve P. Jobs birthday.

It was disheartening to see the national papers didn’t publish single news about it. I downloaded few videos related to him, got nostalgic with his memories. I wish he was alive today; I am not at all personally related to him but he served as role model.

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

22nd Feb.

Things are finally falling in right places, atleast they look like. Going ahead with the investment pitch, we marked two more investment options. Angle investors and a government started funding scheme. Still I believe we have to go in for some of the unconventional ways. 
All traditional funding schemes tend to take more time.

Starting an internet venture is not at all easy; I know starting any venture is not easy but you must have sensed the drift. But sitting infront of the LCD screen for continuous hours, going through all the recent developments adopted or the future methods can blow your mind off. Especially when you are head SEO navigator of your company; you got to keep up with the latest techniques that these search engines adopt to rank the sites. 
Currently I am more focused on the SEO impact of google+ on the organic searches. Trying to resolve its hidden potentials to influence the searches.

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We have more presentations, workshops and project work lined up in the next month. As we continue to strengthen our services the college pressure hover over our heads. Unlike the Silicon Valley, here in India being an entrepreneur can give to immense criticism, losing your family support only worsens the situation.

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

21st feb.

This is the 101st post on my blog, should I celebrate or write a post regarding this? I have seen bloggers celebrating this miles stone or things like this. Whatever the case may be, I don’t feel like celebrating today.

I tried contacting four persons for initial funding for my company but as luck would permit I faced rejection, yet again. 
We are facing a tough time looking for investments. The most frustrating part is that I cannot advance further without that seed capital. 

I would be approaching my college for it too, but I don’t see much support from there. 
There is too much politics involved at every stage. But I have to keep exploring.

Our mentor Madam Rimu, is helping us a lot. She had met few venture capitalists today and has approached them on my behalf, still I have to write a business model on a paper and submit. Then they would judge (based on our start-up) if we should get the require funds or not. 

All these will definitely take time and as an entrepreneur, time is the scarcest resource available to me.  

My partner will look for some more sources on Friday; hopefully we would be getting some positive reply this time around.

My income for February has reached closer to 2k (till today). As a freelancer I am progressing pity well. 

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I have changed the title of the blog; it is more like a journey of my struggling days. Hopefully I would succeed as an entrepreneur one day.   

Coming back to the 101st post, I would definitely like to thank the person who is behind all these; you were the reason for which I started writing. Just to impress you, as I was not the smartest person in your life then. But by the time I mastered this art you had gone far away.

Saturday, February 18, 2012

18th feb, 2012.

This date 18th has a certain reminder attached with it. Sometimes out of the blues it strikes me ‘how passionate I used to be, every month for it’. 
Things have changed now to a extent. But I cannot get rid of my past, no one can. I try my best to avoid it.

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Sometimes I wish I didn’t had to do that, life is full of tensions and stuff. It would have certainly made my life a less complicated.

There was a DJ night in the college, my friends attended it. But as usual I preferred my desk and chair combination. I have a totally messed up social life or maybe I have created this mess. I was never popular among friends and my present life sync perfectly with the past.

Some say college days are undoubtedly the best ones in a student life, not for me.    

Friday, February 17, 2012

mind of an entrepreneur..

The clock says 10.30 but I am in no mood to sleep. Facing yet another problem with my server, they just keep giving me the same excuses over and over. I feel if they had invested more on improving their services rather than placing ads all over the web, things would have been much better. I am just fed up with this Indian Hosting company. I will be going for a refund tomorrow. 

College is becoming difficult to tackle, with all the class tests lined up in the next week I wonder how I will be managing time to study for them. Especially when I am glued to my laptop half of the time I spend at my room.
Earlier in the day I gave a presentation of my company, the guest was a senior person from DCT (Department of Science and Technology).

He had presented some slide on IP (Intellectual Property rights). But more than 90% of the things were known to me, courtesy to the event at IIT Kharagpur. That man from F.I.C.C.I was much better than the person I met today. The difference between a government employee and a n.govern. could be seen with these examples.

Currently I am tackling with the business issues regarding open source softwares. One of the services of included in my company “epilier”.
We are tackling severe man-power and financial crisis at our end. I and my partner are doing things which could be easily handled by 4 persons. Perhaps this is called entrepreneurship,problems at every corner. 

And as a hardcore entrepreneur I will not bow down to them.

Friday, February 10, 2012

Forgiving the past

It’s been a year that I had walked away, leaving almost every trail of my past behind. One string was attached though, but with time it also faded away. I never wanted it to, but life puts you on such platforms where you have got nothing to choose. I would be forever thankful to that person for the support, I got in times when there was no ray of light; pitch darkness. It was for your nuisance friendship that I had smiled even in those tough times.

 Leaving all your past is never easy; deliberately avoiding everyone. It is a thing of the past now, nobody remembers me anymore. I am glad!

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But it’s you whom I cannot get over. No matter how far I run away, you will still manage to haunt me. I tried getting back to you, but you proved me again that I am a fool.

Yes, my nuisance friend was correct. Only if I had full control over my senses I would be able be delete images of you from every tiny bit of my memory. I sometimes wonder how someone can be so tough; absolutely ruthless to every human emotion, merciless.

But I will forever be at the receiving end; I always was. You will never understand what my feelings are.

But there are times when I cannot stand upto my resolution. I will never win over you; in the core I know, I don’t want to. You are the only memory that will continue to wreck me. It seems remembering you was easier than forgetting.

Happy Valentine.

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Morning Blues.

It happened again, those few moments when you steal my soul away, just for a second or two.

I cannot see your beauty, for my eyes are closed. (I have your pictures for that, I see them quite often.)  I have no clue of that, but I know you would blow my mind away when it happens for real.

But it’s your voice that shot me today. Observing every word you spelt, for you pronounce them so neatly. It still hums in my ears.
 It was sweet but not like a lullaby, it never made me sleep. 

I can compare it to a situation; a feather moving up your body, close enough that you can feel its movement and it gives you goose bumps. Or you can replace the feathers with a pair of lips. Mine.

Or when smoke enters into the lungs, you feel in, steadily it spreads nicotine in the body. Mine.

I wanted to hear a song, to preserve your memory for some time, but none were intoxicating enough to bring those words back.

I was always fond of your voice, way back when we were teens. 

Everything attracted me towards you then, but it was difficult to stand out the strongest.
 I can do now.

It’s one among many that attracts me; your absence no longer stands a barrier now. I have lost myself for you....

If ever you read this, just answer me a thing, how much of you is alcohol?


Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Love revolves around

One of my stories was published in a magazine, Story Title - "Love Revolves Around". in Aama Odisha, last year.

Ama Odisha “ is a literary E-magazine which aims at encouraging budding writers in exploring their prolific thoughts to promote culture, literacy and knowledge as well as creating an ambience of positivism, spiritualism, love, peace and harmony.

You can download the story here.  The 8th edition, on page 79.

 Or can read it in my tales blog " Fabled Relations ", titled   LOVE REVOLVES AROUND.


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