Thursday, December 30, 2010

Aussies turn to ashes.

I still remember the days which were dominated by Australians, be it any form of cricket.
But the present  case tells us a different story.
Not only their supreme authority was challenged and snatched away by the Indians, England added more woes to their injuries.
The prestigious Ashes trophy was lost to England in the recently held series.

This defeat came after a series win against Sri-Lanka,which was followed by the series defeat by the Indians in the Boarder-Gavaskar trophy.

Ricky pointing would be having plenty of wounds to lick as he suffered 3rd ashes loss of his career,as  captain.What could be more demoralizing that the defeat on their own soil, which was 1st of its kind, since 1986.And England retained the ashes in Australia for the first time in 24 years; ouch all these must have hurted a lot.

The blunt of these was seen prior to the end of the 4th test, when Ricky Ponting was involved in a unfriendly behaviour with the on field umpire, which was heavely criticed by the press, Down Under.Costing him 40% of the match fees.

Many believe the down fall of Australians was inspired by the India's struggle against them but it was ultimately England who proved that now, the Aussies just don't have the upper edge. And they have slipped down from number 1 in the world last year, to number 5.
When they were reduced to a mere 98 in the first innings, the fate of the match was almost decided and neither did any one came to the rescue work for the team. The total of 98 was the lowest since the 2nd world  war, for the Aussies.

The same downfall was observed in the West Indies camp in 1980s, when they lost their supremacy over the world cricket, after dominating for about 2 decades.

The England camp is certainly delighted with their efforts as they prepare themselves for the 5th and last test match.
Certainly England's "box had the punch" ,as quoted by the Star team.
 Even the P.M of  Britain, David Cameroon hailed them for regaining the Ashes.

"At the biggest ground, on the biggest stage, and when it mattered most, England broke Australia. If you're an England cricketer nothing beats the feeling of travelling halfway around the world just to point out to the Aussies that they are not quite up to scratch. " said  Ian Botham, the veteran old english bowler.

It would be wonderful to see what the new year has in store for the Australians,as the World Cup awaits us all in February.
Lets hope we Indians would get to place our hands on the world cup (for the 2nd time).   :)



Tuesday, December 28, 2010

me myself and I. (3)

few points for 29th dec.

#1 - this post resulted from my boredom of 3 days.  X(

#2 - I had a quiet day today(I mean yesterday); as I placed myself in front of the T.v for the whole afternoon. 

#3 - India is playing its 2nd Test match with , and 3rd day had lots of action. The results would be decided today, I am keeping my fingers crossed , hope India would get the rest 7 wickets.  :)

#4 - It has been ages since we have won a Test Match on their soil.

#5 -  Enough of cricket, lets move the topic.

#6 - Its two in the morning, and am in NO mood to sleep. Don't ask me the reason because I don't know myself  :-??

#7 - My sis is going mad these days, doing all sorts of crazy things. More so because of her upcoming birthday which happens to be on 2nd jan.

#8 - She invited me for her surprise birthday party.  :))

#9 - Her board exams are approaching; God save her!!

#10 - Currently I reading  "P.S.. I Love you " .

#11 -  I have shifted my interests from Indian authors to foreign ones; Cecelia Ahern and Nicholas Sparks topping the list.

#12 - I saw 'BaND Baja Baraat' few days ago, and it was quite good :)>- at least it didn't bored me. 

#13 - The music is also bearable.

#14 - I wrote a poem today,( I mean yesterday) it's like, still incomplete but atleast I jolted down few words together. I am happy for that. 

#15 - Me and my father share clothes ; means if he buys some clothes from  market and if goes short in size is handed over to me. 

#16 - Thats not sharing I guess.  8->

#17 - But one can not expect vice versa.   :))

#18 - I don't like my friends here;in my home town. I would soon break my friendship with them.  :(

#19 - Nowadays my time passes away with novels, t.v , blogs and some reading work.....

#20 - ah ! its over.  Again not to mention, the title is taken from one of Akon's song. C Ya... B-)


Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Scandal year 2010.

2010 is at the verge of closing down and everyone is busy preparing for the new year eve celebrations or may be christmas.
But hold on for a minute , look back at the days, ask yourself a question "was 2010 a eventful year ?".
Not in terms of an indivisual or a group but for a larger section. Ok, lets put the question in this way "was 2010 a fruitful year for the Indians ?? "

Well, as for me, my answer would be NO !!!

2010 has been a year of scandals, starting with 
-the highly entertaining IPL issue;which took away positions of Lalit Modi and Shashi Tharoor ,then

- the evergreen 2-G scam ,followed by 

-high profile CWG games scandal ,

-allegations of illegal mining in Karnataka , 

-Mumbai's Adarsh society scam and 

-nepotism against Karnataka CM B.S Yeddyurappa.

I would be going in detail to every point, just to freshen up/my ,our memories as to how great Indian politicians and buisness men are.
The government at the centre created a deja-vu ,type of situation with reference to year 1980s. When the mother of all scam(in India) hit the Indian society , The Bofors scam, (know more about it here  and here .

The Indian middle class is largely unaffected with these political corruption, even if one gets to know about it, there is a common proverb "janne bhi do " 'forget it' .
The most they care is the prices of onions rising up to Rs 80 \kg. Little do we realize these scams results from these small neglections.
Counting the amount involved in the above scandals would be as high as 7000-8000 crores (rough estimation) to Indian Government or indirectly to Indian people ( or may be not) , adding to it, the discussion hour held up by the opposition in both houses of parliament, leading to loss of lakhs per day.
But leave these aside these are high profile matters ,as stated above 
"The Indian middle class is largely immune to political corruption that pervades at every level of our polity"  [THE FINANCIAL EXPRESS ]


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