Thursday, January 5, 2012

Morning Blues.

It happened again, those few moments when you steal my soul away, just for a second or two.

I cannot see your beauty, for my eyes are closed. (I have your pictures for that, I see them quite often.)  I have no clue of that, but I know you would blow my mind away when it happens for real.

But it’s your voice that shot me today. Observing every word you spelt, for you pronounce them so neatly. It still hums in my ears.
 It was sweet but not like a lullaby, it never made me sleep. 

I can compare it to a situation; a feather moving up your body, close enough that you can feel its movement and it gives you goose bumps. Or you can replace the feathers with a pair of lips. Mine.

Or when smoke enters into the lungs, you feel in, steadily it spreads nicotine in the body. Mine.

I wanted to hear a song, to preserve your memory for some time, but none were intoxicating enough to bring those words back.

I was always fond of your voice, way back when we were teens. 

Everything attracted me towards you then, but it was difficult to stand out the strongest.
 I can do now.

It’s one among many that attracts me; your absence no longer stands a barrier now. I have lost myself for you....

If ever you read this, just answer me a thing, how much of you is alcohol?


Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Love revolves around

One of my stories was published in a magazine, Story Title - "Love Revolves Around". in Aama Odisha, last year.

Ama Odisha “ is a literary E-magazine which aims at encouraging budding writers in exploring their prolific thoughts to promote culture, literacy and knowledge as well as creating an ambience of positivism, spiritualism, love, peace and harmony.

You can download the story here.  The 8th edition, on page 79.

 Or can read it in my tales blog " Fabled Relations ", titled   LOVE REVOLVES AROUND.


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