Friday, June 11, 2010


Today when I was returning from the market, I saw the stationary shop, with which
I was very much familiar. As a kid I used to visit it 4-5 times a week, but now things
have   changed.
I don’t need to buy any of those little things, infact I hardly go there, these days.
I still remember all of the workers, I am sure some remembered me as well.
A few new ones and some of them have left the job.
Despite these years it still remains the first choice of all students in this area.
All my childhood I have purchased my things from there itself. The thing that used
To bother me in those days was that, it remained close on Sundays. And
I used to feel the desire to buy some important stuff on that day itself.
I still think the owner should open it on Sundays as well, I believe kids like me
Do exist now also. (But I am not a kid anymore)
Walking a few steps more I came to my bus stop or I should say this used to my
Bus stop. But not anymore, I still see kids wearing those white uniforms and waiting
Eagerly. My god how much I used to wish that ‘the bus should not come today’ at exams times. But as usual my wish never got fulfilled.

After a month or so I will be leaving this place to join my college. The things
That will be left behind will be these places. The places where I had spend my
Childhood, the places where I simply loved to go, (although I must admit I used
To hate them, but yes I love them today.)
They have definitely left some marks in my life, and there will be many more such in future. I just hope I would hold them forever in my life.

Monday, June 7, 2010


Well, I am not copying Prakash Jha’s movie here. But, yes I did watch his movie today..

My siblings were pressing me that it would be a fantastic one, but I

had a firm feeling that I am not going to watch this one, as

I dislike politics.

But, fate had a different scene for me.

I saw 4-5 promos of it back to back (on 9 Xm), and suddenly

I felt of giving it a try, called my friends right at that moment

And there we were on Sunday afternoon at the 'box office' of FAME DHANBAD

With a surprise in hand for all four of us, the movie was going houseful…

Somehow we did manage to get the tickets,

I did like the movie to some extent. With nothing in my hands to do

these days, I enjoyed it, not that I had a choice.

Ranbir kapoor was fabulous like always, the other cast members were good in

their self as well.

My favorite dialog being “Karara jawab milega, karara jawab milega” :)

Few of the songs were also nice.

I would definitely recommend all of you to have a try, if you don’t have anything much more important to do.


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