Thursday, July 28, 2011

Perpetual journey.

With reference to the blog post Teenage Love, I am starting this new and 3rd story.

Titled Perpetual journey (where every ending can be a new beginning). 
A journey of Stella, her mom and how she tackles her relations, old and new of her life. 

It  took me more than few months to initiate this one, though it was planned a little earlier but I kept procrastinating it over and over again. I found the pages today scrambled in between several other. And decided it was time to complete.

Just like these perennial rivers and streams, our life also moves on, no matter what happens, it just keeps on moving ahead. 

A small dot can stop a sentence but few more dots can give it continuity.
What will you do when life puts more boulders in your path than sleek slopes? Most of us would have surrendered. Well, not so Stella, instead of putting down her head she opted to fight for her family, love and for everything that came in her way.

Did she win her battles? What were those boulders? What was the result she got for all the effort? 

For more on the story see   Fabled Relations.


Wednesday, July 27, 2011

You were my crush! Till you said you love me !

The sizzling author of the love trilogy between Deb and Avantika, will be publishing his fifth book this year.

Durjoy Datta and Orvana Ghai are the authors of the book You were my crush! Till you said you love me. 

The cover page looks an total eye-candy and I am sure the contents inside, will do justice to already reached sky -high expectations of the fans.This will be hitting the stores coming September.

Everything under the sun has been said and written about Durjoy; let me give some information about his co-author here.

Orvana Ghai – 

She was born on the 3rd of March in Delhi, a place she has sworn in as her own and plans never to leave.
She did her schooling from Modern School, Vasant Vihar and still strongly believes in the school's elitism.
Later, she did her graduation from Jesus and Mary College, Delhi. Yeah, it was a girls' college! She doesn't want to make the same mistake with her post graduate college!
For the most part of her life, she has been pretty and intelligent. Though there are proofs of the former, she planned to prove the latter by writing a book by herself.

And the humor says Deb and Avantika are back with this book, which went missing in his previous release "OH yes I am single…"
The book has already gathered 28000+  fans and that too in its pre-release period.  

Starting with - love > kissed > break up > single and now crush! Those who have read his entire book collection will recognize the meaning of those words.

Take a look at his published books, DURJOY DATTA

One of the features of his novels is the long titles and awesome cover pages and he has maintained the tradition in the fifth version as well.
Here's a little introduction of what you gonna read, from the authors note -- ‎"You Were My Crush" is 
story about crushes, heartbreaks, relationships and immense loss. This book tries to delve 
 deeper into our bonds with our friends and family, while still maintaining a humorous tone throughout. 
P.S. - Deb And Avantika are back.   

Personally I have been a huge fan of his books, ever since I read the first one. And my hopes felt down when I saw Deb and Avantika missing in the previous edition.
Inspite of his rugged English, I cherish his books a lot, he connects with his readers very well and that's what matters.
Waiting eagerly and fingers crossed !   :)

Thursday, July 21, 2011

me myself and I

Currently I am stuck in  a dilemmatic situation, what to do and what not. Sometimes it’s (or may be always) good to be engaged in different work. One of friend got himself enrolled in a part time job, having been bored to death earlier, he is doing good now,busy from 6 a.m to 7p.m.

The problem with me here, is that all my activities all important, and they make up to the priorities list. I just can't follow all of them. 
Ah! I wanted to use these holidays smartly this time around but I am not doing so. Engulfed in previous memories, fighting a battle within myself, deciding what to do and ending up with nothing at all, useless TV shows….and what not.
And look today India-England test series is starting as well, just perfect! Now I am gonna sit all evening watching those matches and write a bit about them .

The fact is I ruined my holidays, yet again! Kudos to me. Well, should I congratulate myself? Gosh I didn’t worked on my body either, I am growing fat day by day, just sitting, typing and staring at the screen, such a lazy fellow! I hate myself.

That reminds me of a word I learned few months ago “procrastination”, the first time I saw it, I was like “why people use just big words? Opened up the dictionary and searched fir it (yeah, like a school kid, the fact is I am weak with words and spellings) and voila! It's meaning is so simple, didn’t expected that! 
Well, I learned a new word, end of the story.

Earlier, (or may be till today) I get my tales edited by my friend(s), for some loop holes. Sounds strange but I need that. 
And the best part(or may be the worst) is that the concerned person(s) never looked at the published post.
I call them my editor(s) !!

Plastic bags are banned here, the citizens are facing few problems but it's for the good. Let's see for how long it will prevail.
Earlier I used to think all Bengalis have originated from W.bengal, but few days ago one of my friends proved my theory wrong.

Nothing more to add up.!!  :)


Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Indian Blogs.

I am feeling a little of awkward as I run through the keyboard, searching for my next appropriate set of words. I think these set of things are required and I might believe them to be  healthy and encouraging, considering  it might come at a time when one is feeling all time low.!

Ah! Here it is: my blog has been selected among best Indian Blogs, 2nd time around. Earlier Blog Junta nominated me among The Best Blogs for 2010, in February. When they Summarized  the whole year of blogging in an survey. I had been categorized under the tag "blogging". BEST OF INDIAN BLOGOSPHERE 2010 POLLS

This time around the excitement is much more, as my name features among some top ranked authors like Rashmi Bansal and Abhijit Bhaduri and bloggers, which includes my favorites B Log (Insignia), and youth curry-Insight on Indian Youth (Rashmi Bansal).

 The mere presence of my name among them brought a 500 watt smile on my face. Though I didn’t manage to collect any special tag but still I will cherish this little success of mine with open arms.

Apart from the above mentioed persons some other Blogs that I recognize and  follow are:

Neha's blog ( Neha )  - Although she updates her blog occasionally and I never comment on them, but she writes them in a friendly way. The most impressive thing that I like is her little resume (or whatever one may call) in her “about me” section.

- Chocolaty Lover ( A naive beneath the star) – She is teenager and pours out her heart in this blog, everything from school, friendship….a excellent poet( I MUST ADD) ,her posts are quite humorous and I enjoy reading them.

Both of them are categorized under Personal musings; sharing experiences; family.

You can visit the site containing the names of all featured bloggers Indian top blogs.

the other necessary details regarding the rules and directory, you can follow their blog page indian top blogs

Saturday, July 16, 2011

The saga of movies..

Half of the blogger world is flooded with Harry Potter news: “my world ends with Harry”, “it’s not the end”, and “the saga will be alive”… and what not! {Again, no harsh feelings against them} .But folks it’s just a series of movies!!

Personally I have also been following Harry Potter, ever since I saw its first part on POGO. And it has undoubtedly been a wonderful journey that kept lakhs of fans on their toes at every release.
Though I haven’t led my hands on any of its books {the size of them still frightens me} but one can call me a H.P fan too. !! ;)

Apart from H.P series, I like Transformers, Twilight, Pirates of Carrabian and Spiderman. And as the H.P series came to a halt, humor says it was the transformers released lately!

 Now that upsets me. It has been a little more than a year since I had started following it. But it had been among my favorite. To say the least, I have watched each part > 10 times and I am ready for more.

After Transformers comes Twilight saga, Oh! Mine, I am a hard core fan of this one. The thick volumes of Stephenie Meyer books doesn’t bother me either. The fourth part will be arriving this November. The action and romance keeps on increasing with part and the characters played by the film stars are wonderful as well. 

The chemistry between Bella and Edward has been beautifully expressed and described in her books, though the movies always fail short to present the whole chapters of the book but still I would say they did pity decent work to intrude us.

I have not seen Pirates of Caribbean yet, I mean the 4th part. The first 3 were heavily addicted and they were worth watching. The 4th one didn’t excite me much; the couple in it was removed. “Jack sparrow” is still running high in it, though!!

Spiderman bought excitement when it first arrived on the screens, but having been through all the episodes of its cartoon, there isn’t much left, which I don’t know about that flying creature.

That pity much summons up everything, hope there would be more of such intruing sagas of movies in the future as well.


Thursday, July 14, 2011

what I feel for you.

what I feel for you...?
is some cluster of sentiments,
wobbling like
clouds in the blue.

Every night I provoke in bed,
with a thought of you in my head.
Drenched in dreams of dismay,
or it was you sitting in my way.

What I feel for you...?
Is the years of love spend together,
and with you away ,I doubt
soon it will be over.

what I feel for you...?
Is the fragrance of your smell,
the softness of your touch,
But it aches to regard
my love,for you
was just a piece of crush.!

what I feel for you..?
Is our partial love,
abandon by someone,
in turbulence and disgust.


Monday, July 11, 2011

Yet another series win for Dhoni n company.

Number of trophies in Dhoni’s kitty keeps a steady straight line graph with every series, but what else we expect from our world champions!
 After a hard fought test and one day series, in the Caribbean, India came out victorious in both forms. While it was Ishant Sharma in the tests,  the one-days saw a mixed all round performance from everyone,though they would like to forget the last two games.
The home side gave their all, but that was just not enough for the world camps. The weather played a crucial role in the figures over all, other wise it might have been different from the present  1-0.

In the first test there was mini collapse in the batting performance, but the partnership between Raina and Harbhajan ensured they weren’t too behind, and then in the 2nd innings it was the experienced Dravid's ton, that gave India a thumping chance to grab the test. Ultimately India registered a 63-run victory inside four days in Jamaica.

The 2nd test started with the heroics of Ishant Sharma, grabbing a 10 wicket haul in the match.
In the batting department V.V.S Laxman raised to the occasion, with two well past half-centuries which took India on to the driving seat. The game was heavily tilted towards the visitors side,till the rains came down. And the match ended in a boring draw ,at Barbados.

The Third test started with yet another poor batting display from the home side, credit to I. Sharma’s 6 wicket haul India took a decent lead,with contributions from Raina,Dhoni, Laxman and Mithun. Considering the batting strength of West Indies,team India was eyeing another win. But the 2nd innings saw team India spend a long time in the field than expected.
The most caped player for West Indies, Chanderpaul chipped in with a healthy 116 and with slight bit of help from other peers they gave India a target of 180 in 37 overs.

In reply India suffered some early blows and later settled in for a draw.

This series victory made the present Indian team the only side to register wins in both formats, in 2007 under the captaincy of Dravid India had lost the One-days.

This test also witnessed Harbhajan Singh entering into the elite club of 400 wicket takers. I. Sharma was chosen man of the series for his 23 wickets.

From the home side Kirk Edwards registered his maiden century in his very 1st test.

With oodles of confidence in their tummy, team India will leave for England in few days, where they will be joined by their rest team members, for yet another test series. But this time it’s the seaming conditions, from the “home of cricket”.

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Wooden memories...

“I am Raen.”

“Oh, you are one of the survivors of that house”!

“So, will you direct me to the way..?”

“Yap, sure...take left from that corner and then the first right, go straight for a bit, and the house’ll be right there.”

Raen nodded. “Okay” he said.

And then he was making his way through the winding road, driving through few potholes, he finally got there.

Surrounded by thick columns and rusting wrought-iron fencing, the once so called ‘his home’, now faded and black. He took a deep breath and stepped out of the car, “I have to face this.” He said to himself.

The dirt pathway leading to the door, was rutted, a thick layer of grass surrounded it from either sides. Raen took out the keys and opened the lock; he heard the hinge groan as he pushed through the gate.

The first step, drafted him to the pool of past memories;


“Your school’s over, right?” enquired Raen, with an innocence stare.

“Yap”, answered Doris.

“Then why do you keep studying? “

“Because I want to, it has nothing to do with the school” she replied back.

“Who was guy you were talking to, last night?”

“You saw him? “

“I have been seeing him for the last 2 months.”

“Then, why are you asking me today?”

He stared at her, “mom and dad don’t like him”

“Who told you that?”

“I have seen them arguing over that matter, and it was not going good “

“They don’t like him, do they? “He mused again.

Seeing the pain on her sister’s face, he knew what the answer was.

“You guys love each other? “

“It doesn’t change the fact that he is hated in his house.”

“You are pulling away!! “

“It’s more than love”


“You are too small to understand its pros and cons”.

Although Raen was 10 years old then, but he knew something was going wrong between his sister and his parents. But what he failed to understand was, ‘why his sister was arguing them for a person who didn’t even belong to their family.’?


Read the whole story  here (Fabled Relations)

Sunday, July 3, 2011

let it b unnamed .!

Sometimes need of a person is felt when they set a distance (well, it’s a repeated line, you will find anywhere!!)

The fact that I mean to convey is: they have very little significance or their role is never written in bold letters on your life canvas and like a catalyst they activates your journey of life (in a silent way!)
 But a time comes when you start sensing their absence around; especially when you have no one to lend out an ear.
One may call me selfish, but  we are social beings, depended on each other and sometimes I guess it’s good to be a little selfish..!!

Today I read a blog about relationships and there about , will like to mention some lines from it --  “ In a life of turbulence, when a person's presence can you give a momentary happiness, does it matter if that person is truly and wholly devoted to you or not? That moment gives you energy? Yeah? Then why not relish that and leave the rest unperturbed?   “

These lines just touched me, the moment I looked.
 The blogger is fabulous, my best among the blog-o-sphere, she keeps surprising me with her writings skills and the range of topics she pours her hand on.

I am naming this post with a title, my friend selected in one of the blogs , hope you return soon and the purpose of your visit will end on a good note.


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