Wednesday, November 30, 2011

making your mark.

It's been long since I poured some meaningful sentences here. Apparently it's been long since I read some good post on bloggers; it may be showcased this way that “good posts were neglected by me".

I have subscribed to many blogs either through wordpress or e-mails (not to forget blogger) .But these days I seldom go through them.

Ever since this entrepreneur thing invaded my mind, it has striped out my interest in reading.

Coming back to the title, I read a post today ( I have been following her posts since my starting days). The thing is I have never commented on her blog, it’s not like I don’t like reading them but I never found a thing to comment on. Those posts have everything, and I don’t wanna share something that is already written or write something that will spoil it.

There had been many other cases where I moved forward without making my mark, but there are cases when I can’t control myself from scribbling few words.

The most important thing being: comments or no comments they never stop…And a blogger should never feed upon these.


Sunday, November 27, 2011

random thoughts.

Beauty of a person may not always touch your soul...
Sometimes it is beyound those glittering eyes..., 
that holds your gaze for the night.    

                                                                      -- Anurag.


Saturday, November 19, 2011

for it is difficult to say what is impossible.

“Are you sure we would be able to compete with the others around? I mean we are sole representatives from 1st year; the competitors would be our seniors “said Soumadeep.

“Dude, you are always crying about something or other. Chill, we are not here for competition; let’s just concentrate on the robot and give our best.”
“How can you be so confident Aryan?” cribbed Soumadeep again.
“I just have a gut feeling that we are gonna make it”
“I hope we don’t make a fool of ourselves there, I will come in the morning tomorrow” with these words he walked out of the room.

I was left there alone; the creepy sound of the fan ripped apart the silence. I just kept looking at the dispersed circuit components, the motor was not moving. Despite our several attempts we were unable to crack the reason behind this.

 Electrical seminar was due to start in a week and we were already short of time and this negativity of Soumadeep was not helping me or our project in any respect.

I was determined to prove my worth, I knew I will not quit, no matter what. But with the little knowledge that we, as a first year college possessed, things did looked pity gloomy.

For a moment, words of Soumadeep resonated in my mind but the second later I shooed it away. My dad had taught me – a quitter never wins and a winner never quits.

And I whole heartedly believed I belonged to the latter category. But where were we getting wrong?
The circuit design was perfect; it was designed by me. I had tested and retested its feasibility before setting it on the model. But the motor was not getting the power. ......

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Friday, November 11, 2011


हर zakham एक दर्द का ehsas dilati है.
दिल मे chupe हुए यादों के पास लाती है.
हमेशा रहता नही कोई साथ तुम्हारे,
ये यादें ही तो हमे उनसे rubaru karati है......

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Saturday, November 5, 2011

Perpetual Journey #2

READ THE 1st part here

It's hard for me to handle everything and they are getting on my nerves. I never thought I would have to be this responsible, acting like a senior member of the family. I mean I am just 17. But then, I can’t let mom handle everything alone either.  
That’s life; it makes you bleed to posses the things you crave for.

In my case I just wanted a little happiness, a company to divert all the sorrows around; I was living a life of solitude here.

High school would starting tomorrow; this being the only route to my escape, it will keep me occupied. My mom and I were picking up the lost pieces of our lives. Though the process was tough but we were the only support for each other........

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Tuesday, November 1, 2011

A lot like Love.....

I saw this book in the "New Arrivals" section of flipkart, the writer's name sounded familiar and it took few min to figure out, it's the same from Just Friends.
I ordered it straight away, there are some bonds which writers build with the readers; a bond of  trust.
And Sumrit Shahi fulfilled my expectations or rather I should say expectations of many others (the book is already on best sellers list).

From the back –  

He’s a player. She knows the rules. They meet. Smile. Talk. Add each other on Facebook. Exchange BB pins. He asks her out for coffee. She agrees. Another coffee follows. So do movies, drives, moonlight walks, study dates, sneakouts, make out sessions.
Shadab and Arnika.
Both eighteen. Committed. In a relationship.
It’s a perfectly clichéd bubblegum love story...or is it?
For love today, comes with a ‘conditions apply’.
Career. Ambition. Practicality.
Different colleges. Different countries. Different aspirations.
A long-distance relationship.
They decide to give it a shot. Skype video calling. BBM. Lists of do’s and don’ts. Fidelity checks. Promises.
They’ve planned it all out.

But can love be planned?
Is chocolate a safer proposition for the heart?
Is cheating on your partner an offence only if your partner comes to know about it?

What happens when you’re in something which is A lot like love…a li’l like chocolate???

About the author

 His looks have changed, as I could recall from his last book.
   He is now 18 and his debut novel was published when he was just 17 and that too a National Best seller.

About the book –

When you upgrade to XI standard you might feel 10th class was fun, Sumrit makes you feel exactly that in the first book. Just Friends 
And then when you enter your college you beg for your +2 days to be back again, now Sumrit makes you feel that in his 2nd book.

Based on the lives Shadab and Arnika, who are in their high school and in love.

The style of writing has not changed and some phrases like "he smiled and she smiled" are repeated again, which I think works towards the positive aspect of the novel.

The basic skeleton of the story is an old theory, distance effects relationships, but he presents this in a fresh and surreal way. 
You actually enjoy and feel the words in the heart.
The sweetness of childhood combines with the hormonal imbalance of a teenager,a rare combo which makes the conversations humorous and in many cases romantic. 

Page 68,

‘I have always been a good boyfriend,’ he says.

“Always?” she raise her eyebrows. “How many?” she asks, taking another sip.

“Okay…let’s see,” he pretends to scratch his chin. “Can’t remember,” he winks.

“It’s easier for me,” she sits back. “Rahul,..Vikram..Ajit” Hits back hard.

He takes another sip from the beer can.
“And …I’m just’s just Vikram and you know about it.” She says.

“And you know about Rhea, Rheaaa, those lips…God Imiss them,” he exclaims, just to check how possessive she feels.

“I know what you mean, Vikram was such a tongue-teaser,” she ends, giving a dreamy look.
“Oi” his efforts backfires.

“Yeah?” she replies unaffected.

And they drifted apart, not before spending wonderful and quality time together, nothing special I could add here. The author's works speaks volumes, grab a copy today (when you haven't laid you hands on the 1st one; in that case make it two copies).
 I promise you won't regret it.

Happy reading.  :)

P.S - Sumrit left some questions to be unfolded (just like in the previous one)
I wish all the success to him and hope he write the 3rd one next year.  ;)


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