Monday, August 30, 2010

book review : 3

another weekend passes away and another book to write about....but I had finished this one 4-5 days ago. just felt too lazy to post it.  ;)
It took me more than a week to finish this book where it takes 2-3 days for other ones. and I would say its really different from all the others.Basically its a pre-college novel.

As a young schoolboy, Ayushman joins Scindia School in Gwalior and in no time he becomes the best student in school and icon for all.
The school ambience helps him to devote his full time to his work, and teachers always boosts him in his aim, which is to unveil Albert Einstein's Theory of Relativity, E=mc2. At Scindia, his sweet classmate falls in love with him .
and she keeps trying to get her lascivious desires fulfilled. Similarly, Ayushman's attention too gets diverted when he sees an alluring girl by his side in a science fair, and later she becomes his devastating desire. With E=mc2, love always goes parallel in their lives, though none of them knows anything about anyone's heart since the very inception of this book. What eye doesn't see and what mind doesn't know, this book has it all.
Ayushman's desire to become a next sapient Albert Einstein always has different faces. Sometimes his spirits soaring and at the other times plummeting deep below, but he always continues to strive till he brings E=mc2 nearer to its final destination. After all he has to become Einstein II.
But, is it possible for someone to be next Albert Einstein? Did Albert Einstein himself ever fell in love as Ayushman? Does ever love and science go hand-in-hand?
To find out the final result, the novel has to be read as this unsaid story ends on a most unpredictable note.      .

this was all back page .

personally, I would say the cover page depicts a totally different story whats inside. It  appears to be just another book on love . But its not.

this time I have chosen Mahaveer Publishers instead of usual  SHRISTI . and sadly I would say that it  disappointed   me.(not the author though)

About the book-
LOVE ,LIFE AND AMBITION  (Give your name an identity. ) is about a young boy Ayushman and about his life till his 12th grade who was sent to Scindia school. at a very tender age.

the name appears quite ordinary but in real his ambitions was  to reveal Albert Einstein’s theory of relativity, E=mc2. ( shocked ?? )
His potency is unmatchable and  alone he is enough to challenge everyone around him.everything was going well till the girl named Anamika arrived in his life and she falls for him. but it isn't easy to expect love from such a boy.

page-72, para 3rd.
" some dreams get fulfilled at the right time, whereas some take more time."

page 108,para 2nd.

"if she could confide in someone as she used to in him,if she could see someone with whom she bonded as she did with him, and if she could eat something and feel as though he was feeding her,her life would have become so simple.No matter what she did, it all brought back memories of the time spent with him.Even her sleep brought him in her dreams."

but all was not the same for Ayushman, he followed only one principle ...

page 109, para- 3rd.
"When you do things well, you have to keep doing things well all the time."

page 111, para 2nd-
"Whenever he found himself losing heart or becoming lax in his work,he would cajole his body to put in more effort and work with renewed vigour. "

He was just so serious about his life and towards his aim - E = mc 2.
but for Anamika it was love and nothing else. someone said 'love is harder to get, harder still when it is purely one sided'
But he was a human after all........ could she find a way in his life and heart ??, did Ayushman complete his dream ?? was he able to hold onto his emotions ??? what life had in store for him ??

I would leave here for you all to discover it by yourself.
The book is very interesting and good for a breezy read.
As the author says, “I kept everything, my B-tech training, my MBA preparation, my relations, my love, on hold just to focus on one thing and it was to complete Love, life and ambition.”

And I completely agree with him and his efforts.

Happy reading.  :)

Sunday, August 29, 2010

tagged ! tagged !!

for the first time of my blogging career I have been tagged by someone.Thanks Vij@y. I would be writing a few here and theres about myself.. And would be tagging some of my friends ( though there are a few but still)  in this blog (scroll down to see if you are in that list), if you are not on the list and would love to write about yourself.. pleases go ahead and get tagged... don't forget to publish you blog to me and your friends though... would love to read it! :) .

3 places i would pack my travel bag for. :

a. Kashmir (just love that place)

b.  Paris.
c.  Switzerland .

3 On-Screen characters i love to watch. 

a. Sharukh Khan. in 'MY NAME IS KHAN'
b.  Aishwarya Rai bacchan  in 'GURU and JODHA AKBAR '
c.  Ranbir kapoor in 'I.H.L.S.'

3 moods that describes me the best. 

a. lazy (in classes)
b. lost in thoughts (when alone)
c. quite and gentle (to strangers)

3 things i always think of doing on a weekend... but never did.. :) .

 a.  hmm.... (a lot of things are done in weekends, my weekends are more schedule packed.)
oops I have to leave this one.

3 things from my childhood that i cant forget.

a. relations ( be it friends ,family, love )
b. my fears.
c. my dreams.

3 things i would never say no to.
 a.  music.

b. dreaming.
c. blogging.

3 things i cant live without.

a. my mobile.
b. music (again)
c. net.

Okey dokey,  I have finished myself  and its your turn now.

Yes, you have been Tagged!!! :))

Tagging my blogger friends Shriti.Zave.someone is special.   ,redchutni.

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Saturday, August 28, 2010

college days..

it has been about a month since I joined my college and I had experienced a mixed bag of feelings... 

1st things first,   I (or rather we) were fortunate enough that we weren't ragged by our seniors...though small intro sessions did take place. But you gotta expect these in any college.

the classes began and I figured all our teachers borrrringggg...  yes! I had to use few additional words to express my feelings... ;)
looking at the brighter side, I got the way  to pass their classes. I am posting down a day of hectic torture session.

the boring lectures and classes..
makes me insane with time,
I wish there was a way,
they could make me remember
of the sweet bottle of wine.

the resistances and circuit..
flow over my head..
I wish to pen down,
some more thoughts with my black lead.

the watch had stopped working..
the shoulders dropping ,
I wish to make a move..
I wish I could clear my way out.

as I was writing this so called  short poem, my friend was busy with something else..... which happens to be this...

miss you...

wondering across the net I ended up on a music album by westlife, its a old group of singers and I wonder why didn't I noticed it earlier.
never the less, this is the song I like the most

I can’t see, I just can’t breathe,
When the shadows are all over me.
Don’t wanna be a fool in your eyes…
Cause what we’d was based on lies….
And when the love seems to fade away,
Listen to me hear what I say.
I don’t wanna feel the way that I do,
I just wanna live right here with you,
I don’t wanna see, see us apart,
I just wanna see straight from my heart….. I miss you.

What would it take, for you to see?
To make you understand that I always believe...
You and I can make it through and
I still know I can get over you,
Cause when the love seems to fade away…
Listen to me hear what I say….

I don’t wanna see, see us apart…
I just wanna feel straight from my heart…

Oh baby me I miss you…. I do.....

Sunday, August 22, 2010

book review : 2

I am Broke ...!

A high paying job, an envious, sexy girlfriend, and a carefree life–Armaan’s life was super cool and then in the harsh terrain of recession, he is laid off from a U.S based investment Bank. World comes crashing down on Armaan, the only thing that keeps him sane and breathing is the quest to find vidisha, his love who makes his life complete. Memoirs of past life peppered with shades of love, friendship and betrayal haunts him but will life offer him a second chance in love and career? Inspired by some true incidents, I am BROKE….! LOVE 

Me is a story of youth of today’s India laden with drugs, their love, callowness, sex & recession. Will these youths beat the recession and relive their life? Will Armaan find his lost love? Does love cease to be a pleasure game? What is the fate of the love story where money defines all the relations? What will happen to them when they witness an incident that is sure to change their life???

Sometimes one has to lose to find oneself…

this was all was from back cover.Now here's mine.

first of all about the author :
                          ANIMESH VERMA, well its his 2nd book. the 1st one being  Love ,life and dream on
( read about his 1st novel  here, from one of my fellow blogger friend. )

The book saw a huge turn around from the previous one.And I had a nice time going through it.
He certainly went with the flow, (created by himself)

The books is all about a guy named AARMAN. and his journey of life which took a drastic turn around due to the recession (it would be all evident from the above mentioned lines)

the pages starts with AARMAN in his college life, finding it hard to distinguish between love and attraction.

page 63, last para -
'Love happens once,while attraction always changes.You might be attracted to someone on some day and it might change another day. But Love is pure; you know that you will be able to spend your life with that person, and that person's face will always keep you happy. That's the thing called Love. It's a divine feeling; you will know when you are in love. "

though ARMaAN found out his love but life had something else waiting for him....U.S , high paying job , dumped , jobless , drugs, lost friends.
Fighting with all emotions he kept his love alive (in his heart)
page 116, para 4th -

She is out of my sight but not out of my mind "
page 123, para 3rd -

" 'I have lost but I have not been defeated' , I smiled as I deleted the mail.  "

and the desire to get back his lost job ,respect, friendship.
page 171, para 2nd -

" ' one can definitely change his life whenever he wants.When the spirit is low and thimgs are not going your way; the best thing is to be patient and keep moving.  "

Though I would like to mention a few more lines but I guess it's becoming a long post.So, I will leave it for you to figure out by yourself.
The book definately covers some major incidents of indian society and if you are true Indian you would definately like the 2nd half  (if not the 1st )

I enjoyed it, hope the others do it as well. In the end I would like to say (in terms of the author ),this book is....


Happy reading. :)

My life (without you.)

 gone are those days...
when we used to sing together,
and cherish every moments
as if they belonged to us forever.

standing here alone,I feel your absence ,
half of my day passes away,
with me not in my senses.

Dreaming about your return,
I was proven wrong.

With each setting sun,
my mind took a huge turn around.

Nights seems more taunting,
when your images are all over me.
in my memories you seem so near,
but when I open my eyes,
why do you always disappear.?

The last few days had been the worse,
and my life seems to be giving me a strange curse.

Don't know for how long I have to savour them,
these are all, I have got with me
which makes me remember of everything,
we did together once.

days spend with you,
were the best ones of my life.
Every moments talkking to you
relieved the pain given to me by divine.

Saturday, August 14, 2010

the final day.

                                            the stage is set,the curtains drew near.
                                             the spotlights are on...
                                             you are finally getting the chance,
                                             you are finally proving the world they were wrong.

she kept repeating these words in her mind,as she was being dressed up for the annual fashion show of her college.
It was a dream,which was in her mind since childhood and it was about to come true this day.
She was beautiful, no doubt.But the thing that kept her away from the center stage was her fear. Fear of not being able to prove herself to that standard.

                                              you can do it,its your dream.
                                              stand up for yourself,
                                              the world is waiting for you to begin.

Her turn was around as she dresses herself in the mirror for the last time.

Milky white complexion,  slight  pinkish hair, dark eyes...she had a body every girl would always dream of.
Surely a look that was gifted to her, a look worthy of making to the top of this profession.

prompted at thursday tales

image credits - shardae

Sunday, August 8, 2010

the walk.

                                                  The decision is stern,
                                                  I will never look back
                                                  this I make you confirm.

With this she walked out of his life and shook  off all her worries.All his attempt to make her understand his love,to make her change her mind were drained away.

                                                      you will walk with your life,
                                                      the worries and concerns left behind.

                                                      the imprints of your love,
                                                      will burn me inside
                                                      till the water washes it from either side.

He tried to cope up with the loss he had suffered ,but everything around brought more and more pain to him.
Walking on the beach alone,he recalled  the first walk they took together [on th beach itself].....
Now, he could see only his footprints which was once accompanied by someone else.
The single steps revealed the loneliness in his life.

                                                The enchanting beauty around appears lifeless,
                                                 the only thing that remains
                                                 is the love left behind on the mattress.  


image credits here

LOVE, happens like that

I was into reading novels [of all sorts] since the school days, a habit which was given to me 
by my dearest friend. But it was a few months ago that I got the idea[ got it from a blogger] of 
adding it as one of my blog posts. Apparently this book wasn't mentioned in his blogs so I am 
publishing it here.

" Meet Ritesh Garg – the attention crazy, fun loving, flirtatious and ever talkative fifteen year old. 
And meet Ritesh’s love interest, Aarushi – gentle, calm, sober and a conservative fourteen year 
old. What happens when such extremities in characteristics collide? An explosive reaction? 

Just like Potassium bromide, Ritesh and Aarushi were destined to meet and fall in love at such a 
precarious age. Maybe it was their childhood? – When Ritesh grew up watching the heroes of
 the 90s falling in love, Aarushi saw Ramayana and Mahabharata with great interest. Or maybe it
 was just the way things turn out to be…total chaos!!

From dumb friends to volatile reactions in the chemistry lab, Ritesh Garg had to fight ‘em all to
 get what he wanted to achieve…hisangel, his miracle.

As hormonal changes occur every day, their idea of true love takes a beating. What will it take 
Ritesh to grow into a man from the adolescent he is…? Who knows…because love happens like that!!  "

It was all the contents of the back of the book and here goes mine.
first of all about the author Ritwik Malik , its his debut novel and he did prove a point in the 
1st place.

"LOVE, happens like that (as long as you are my angel; my miracle ) " is a story based on 
15 year old boy [as you must have been fed above]  .Its first of the kind to feature a love story 
totally on school days.[as far as I know]
A little more description goes like this -

page - 70, para 3rd.
"I looked at her loveliness and felt her charm being radiated around the place.she had tied her 
hair in a different way and she looked nice in that...Even in the ordinary school uniform her looks 
seemed so appealing,whenever she laughed her laughter echoed in my ears and when she smiled 
it surely melted my heart." 

page 76, para 2nd.
" Ok.I luv u! yes u can call me that.But don't say a word about did to raag or sonali and m scared 
of break ups so don't ever thnk of leavin me.Remember, no one shud noe this.And this deal of you 
and me is known as  lifetime validity.Mind it ! "  

We all [almost] do go in one sort of crush or other in our school days??? don't we??? [well,some
 may be of serious types] and if the answer is a YES ! [to the previous question], then I would 
surely suggest you to have a go at it. Your old school days [or it may be present ones too] would 
be repeated in front of your eyes.
I know, love at 15 sounds bizzard, doesn't it ??? But its all about the 15 we do love our parents don't we??? then why does it stands a question mark when comes to opposite sex.? 

you would definitely enjoy the experience  if not the love story.
I did and it made me remember all those things once I was involved in be it fighting, texting , 
cycling, careless behavior and the list goes on.
There are far too many books on college and post college in market, try a different this time around. 

happy reading.  :)

You could even read his blogs. here 

Wednesday, August 4, 2010


Love is the thing that makes you go mad.
And before you realize you are trapped in it ever so bad.

The people around you matter least,
its in the face of her's  that all your world exists.

Sunrise and sunsets seems beautifull,
and it's in the arms of hers that you feel your day is complete.

Love is the thing that changes your mind...
and rest of the world is left wondering behind.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

stuck again...

when I was around 5-6 years old,people around me used to ask " what do you want to become when you grow up ?"
and I used to get stuck with this question. Perhaps too busy in making some mud castle....  :D

when I was like 10-11 they asked this my classmates or kids in my surrounding answered things like doctors , engineers ,astronauts ,....and again there I was stuck with no answer .my father used to say "he would become a engineer."
Then I wondered "why my father wants me to become a engineer, what pride I would get in driving a engine of a train ?"
 * yes, that was my defination of 'engineer' * ;)  you can't blame me for that.  ^-^

some year later I came up with a answer "artist" I had a great interest in it and my work was being appreciated by fellow mates as well.
but soon this dream was shattered as now I wanted to become a cricketer... but to my luck I  had a rough phase dealing with it.
So, back again to my father's dream..

following his dream I was sent away from home in Xth to crack so called IIT-JEE.

*Then I didn't even knew what was even its full form. *

Never the less the decision was made and I had to follow it. So, I went with the flow like several others.

After 2 years to no surprise I was not even close to event of achieving it. Though some other exams were held on.

Now that I am in college and on the verge of starting my engineering career I ask this question to my self,
"do I really want this ??"
the answer to this question is a big NO.

then comes this question "what do I really want ??"
ans- I don't know.

but I am confused "what  would I do now ? "
ans- just explore the world,enjoy everything around you....not everyone finds a way so early in his life *I am really joking now*  :D
 may be I would figure a like to machines....or end up writing books like several other engineers..... ;)

who the hell knows whats in store for of now I just want to write a poem.....its has been days since I wrote the last one.

and I completely agree with this kid...  :D


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