Wednesday, October 27, 2010

look me in the eye.

hey ! hey ! . guess what today I got Photoshop Cs2,  actually I purchased it. Hmm...I have to check on the google if its the latest version.... oh!! gosh Cs5 has arrived in the market and I am stuck Cs2,  :(
Its bad, you know I a, sad now.  :(

Anyways, now that you are here I won't bore you much so down to business.
The shopman who gave me this software was suffering from conjunctivitis (in the eyes, of course) Oh, I forgot to mention ,I was suffering from it too, few days weeks back.

We both had about 2 hour conversation,in which I desperately tried to bargain with the prices and understand the process to activate the thing.
Though all the time I tried my best not to look in his eyes (it can infect your eyes, if you do so) but then sometimes it became hard to keep my gaze off. Not that he had a striking pairs of eyes ;)
but the fact that by establishing an eye contact the words some how come how more efficiently or I should say that an eye contact forms a essential role in conveying your words. (you understood na ? )

Standing there in his shop I realized this fact (or whatever you may call it )

In our day to day life we tend to move around so many important things, remember smallest of words (or pretend to) but these small gestures do not make their mark (gosh ! what I am saying ).

Okay, I got a important point to note down today "eye contact is really essential for a interesting (or meaningful) face to face (I just remember of telephonic talks) conversations.
I will keep this in mind while I talk to a girl next time around  ;)  [after all I am 20 ] 


P.S-  those eyes are beautiful, aren't they..???

awards time.

             The Perfect Poet Award 4 Poets Rally Week 31

                                                                   what I feel for you
                                                           is the fragrance of your smell,
                                                              the softness of your touch,
                                                                 but it aches to regard
                                                                     my love,for you
                                                                was just a piece of crush.

Thanks jingle for the wonderful award.

I would like to nominate   Megzone.

Friday, October 22, 2010

me myself and I. (2)

few points for today.

#1 - I didn't studied today, yesterday my dad went out of station.., so....  ;)

#2 - Star one has started a new soap "pyaar ki ek kahani " a.k.a  " Indian twilight." .Please if you are  ACTUALLY reading this post then don't dare to watch it, its absolutely ridiculous , nonsense. Acting is totally outdated.

#3 - I have a word or two for the directors -" if you  had invested at least 50 % effort to the direction rather than make up,accessories  and clothes, it would have been so nice."

#4 - by the way ,this crap airs on STaR ONE at 8.30 pm IST.

#5 - join me, in criticizing them.  ;)  .We would form a community here,  :D

#6 - I have created a blog on wordpress ,  " a rhymeless journey"   have a look at it.

#7 - I am feeling alone, may be because everyone out here has slept, its 1.10 am         :D .

#8 - Now, I am feeling sleepy too.  :(  .But have so much  work pending.....

#9 - It  rained yesterday, I some how managed to pen down 2 poems in the process.

#10 - you must be bored out here, na ?????

#11 -   wait, let me think of something funny...hmmmm....

#12 - it reminds  me of the comment, I got today of 'Insignia' .She had same reactions after observing my last post.

#13 - by the way She write some beautiful blogs, I wish I was as fluent as 
               her.Take a look .

#14 - okay, 6 more to go....hmmm....

#15 - I am heavily addicted to novels, last month I added 6 more to the self. But I want more!!! addiction you know.  ^-^

#16 - I am missing my room mates from the college,  :(   our classes would resume from 24th of this month.

#17 - The title, is again used from Akon's song.

18 - okay,got a idea. I would suggest 1 song every time this post appears here, mainly or definitely english. (an idea can change your life.  ;)  )

19 - so, here goes this one " I HaVE a DREaM " by WESTLIFE  click  here.

20 - hope, you like it. do let me know what did you actually thought of my choice.  BYEEEE   :)


Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Down to earth, Priyanka

who doesn't know Priyanka Chopra? We all do, well if you happen to non-Indian then you better search for her in google. Or I have a better plan just click here.

But I am sure you are definitely unaware of the man who did her make up while contesting for Miss India and Miss Universe, ofcource you don't ,as a matter of fact even I don't know his name.
But, guess what Priyanka  inaugurated his studio, Yes!!! not only she remembered him but readily accepted the invitation when approached.
She also stated that "without his team she wouldn't have gone on to win both the prestigious beauty contests".
and then she never looked back.
Most of the people when on the stars tend to forget the people who actually helped them to achieve that status. 
This was so humble and certainly down to earth gesture.


Sunday, October 17, 2010

End of an era.

It seems Australians are about to loose their dominance over the world cricket, and with the cards wide open it's we "The Indians ", who are favorites for the spot.

Having already grabbed the top slot in the Tests, The Indians are gearing up to snatch the crown from the mighty Australians.

In the recent held Test series, also known as "Border Gavaskar  Trophy " ,the Australians bowlers failed to knock down 20 Indian wickets in each of the 2 test.This proves itself the quality of their attack in the absence of greats such as G.Mcgrath , S.warne . And losing both the matches despite making 400 plus score in the 1st innings of each test.
In the absence of legends such as Adam Gilcrist, Shane Warne, Glenn Mcranth, Mathew Haden (who could turn the game at their will) ,Australians are finding it hard to match the attacks of the best in the world, having failed to fill in the places left by the greats only adds to their agony.

Ricky Pointing, the current captain of their team has failed in grabbing a single victory on the Indian soil. And it seems he is diverting from the footprints of the earlier great Australian skippers.
As a matter of fact, Australia lost all the test of a series after 22 years ( they lost 0-3 to Pakistan in 1988 series.) in the recently test series in India.

With the world cup just around the corner, it would be interesting to see who hits the card this time around.
Australians would be favorites no doubt , but other teams are not far behind either.
India , England, S.Africa are equally hunger-struck for the prestigious trophy.


The proposal.

Days passed by swiftly, short as they were in winters and after the long awaited ,ever so special evening.
Yet another V-day arrived.
I was eagerly waiting for him, with a rainbow colored,irregular hemline skirt and a black top.
At sharp seven, he announced his arrival, I rushed down the stairs and caught him staring at me.
Dressed to kill, as usual, in a white shirt.

His smile left me weak in the knees and I stood there waiting for my hero to sweep me off the ground.
Lost in my dream I didn't noticed when he came close to me, pulled out a red rose from somewhere , looked into my eyes and then suddenly went down on his knees.

" four years ago,

                                                     a girl came in my life,
                                                      like a breeze of air,
                                           and mesmerized me from either side.

                                            my days shaped like never before
                                                     nights shined under
                                                     like twinkling stars,
                                                    faded with moonlight.


                                              its difficult for me to live alone,
                                                    I want to be yours,
                                               like two bodies in one soul.  "

As he stood up,I stopped breathing and froze in my tracks .Then instead of responding with a " yes, I will"....

                                                 I gently laid mine lips on his,
                                        the stiffness gave way to sheer pleasure,
                                               with renewed passion and fervor.

And what happened after that was a mere beginning of a new dawn for us ,TOGETHER..
And like they say  " we lived happily ever after ".


                                    prompted for  --  room for romance # 3


Friday, October 15, 2010

welcome O, rain.

                                          the pouring rain kisses the ground,
                                              with the air moving in full form.

                                              the grain waving in unison,
                                         carries with a song worthy to be mentioned.

                                              The pouring rain washes the fields,
                                              making the thirsty pond relive.

                                             The water gushing in the puddles,
                                              returns the smiles of people,
                                             crossing the year long huddle.

                                             The moisture pours under the soil,
                                            releasing the heat trapped in
                                            from the months of june and July.

                                              The water from the ranges
                                                 commends to flow.
                                         And with it the lives of beings,
                                                  down the lobe.

                                     Watching all this, I inched forward
                                           my body bearing the wind,
                                  coupled by the drops from the heaven.
                                        drenching me all over again.

                                            With a smile on my face,
                                                  I danced down,
                                  sitting on the slope, I welcome you now.


P.S- read more of my poems click   here


Monday, October 11, 2010

why do I love you.

11th oct, 2010.
    8.00 pm

It has been 3 months since I had heard your voice. The last time I came to see you, you just walked away sensing my presence .
Since the time you departed from my life, there  has been tears and emptiness all over. Don't know how I would continue living without you.
It's not that I have not made a move on, I did ,many-a-times.but I failed miserably and got back where I had started.There are so many boys out there, then why do I always keep thinking about you every time.Why do I see your face flashing on every other guy, why ?

I came to know from some friends that you are extremely happy living your life without me,flirting with every possible girl out in your college. This is what you had promised me all those years ? I know I have broken some from my side but kept the most important one of never leaving you. But you, you just gave away everything.
I had just asked one thing from you "be on my side" ,rest I would take care of. But I guess I was at all important for you.
I am living here like hell ,all these days are proving so difficult for me.
Winter has arrived and with it came the memories of yours, it was the time when you first came ti my house...whats the use of remembering all those days when they are no more ?
but I can't forget you, why don't you understand ? I just cant.

                                              I thought I had known you enough,
                                             but you proved me wrong.
                                               I am suffering for my mistake,
                                               but can't regret it now.

                                                you promised to be with me,
                                                but left me mid-way.
                                                It's all you cared with each passing day.?

                                            why did you changed so much?
                                              I miss you every single day,
                                             please come back to me,
                                              thats all I have to say.

she felt a sudden rush of adrenaline in her , tears kept flowing from the eyes as they turned red,. closing the diary
she prepared herself for the haunting night ahead.....


A evening on the beach.

the unwavering zephyr flowing across the lake,
makes a hair fall on my face.

the gathering clouds on the horizon,
gives a solicitude look on the buddy beside..
sitting on the sand, hands folded in unison.

"hope it doesn't rain tonight...
I have to settle a few scores
before the water unleashes from heaven side."

the scattered clouds makes the mountain top gloomy,
the fall of few droplets and faded light
 makes the surrounding all the more hazy.

the fluttering of clothes soothes my body,
it blocks the way to shelter,
making our foot all the more heavy.

the wind turning intense with passage of time,
making the trees dance on their way,
with the leaves  shattered all across the bay.

getting inside I gave a sigh of relief,
but there's lot of sand all over my sleeve.


                                                     prompted for - jingle poetry


Sunday, October 10, 2010

sun SIGN.

Calvin -    hey dude, what are you up to ?
  me -       hmm..was thinking about writing a poem, so that I can post it on Jingle poetry .
Calvin -    Ah ! you are always writing something or the way who is this "JINGLE" ??            
                 some bell or something ???

   me -      leave it you won't understand, its for poets and I don't think you are one. 
Calvin -   whatever !!   see what I got today.     *smiles all over the face*

    me -     what is it ?
Calvin -  I brought the autograph of sun.     
             * smile again *

    me -    WHaT ?????  you can't do that.
Calvin -  why ?

   me -   because the sun is very hot.    

  * leaves the fact that it doesn't have a hand *

Calvin - but I have got it.

   me -    show me...

I took the paper and....

    me -     Calvin !!!!! these are zodiac signs.  
Calvin - so?? they are Sun SIGN at the first place.


                                             prompted for Lots of Laughter.


Saturday, October 9, 2010

rendezvous in the moon light.

the inaugural paces of their lives,
that they took together
turned their love forever.

hand in hand they reached the top,
but their eyes  folded blind.

they laughed ,they smiled
but never had the courage to turn the tide.

of what they felt had never struck them before
after all it was love and it surely touched their soul.

it was just the beginning of a new dusk,
and the night brought them closer...
they saw each other and the distance was over.

sprouts did came of the seed they had sown together,
the initial moments were tighter...
after all it was love and they had lost themselves forever.

the wind changed to quite rain over the faded moon light,
and their heart full of springs.
they wanted to fly as if they had their wings.

the meeting was small but they never realized ,
how much they would cry when the stars bid them good bye.

with the memories of each other in their mind,
they reached their shelter.
with no regret in their hearts,
after all it was their decision which changed their love forever.


prompted for   romantic room

Friday, October 8, 2010

last words.

She stepped her feet on the icy cold marble and lifted herself from the floor, as stood on the terrace of 30 storied building.

                                                       You left me solitary,
                                                       drenched in pain.
                                              I gave away fighting life in despair,
                                                 without you my living is in vain...

With these words in her mind she pushed herself down towards the pavements on the ground. As she hanged in mid air every moment dwelled with him echoed in her mind again and again.

In few minutes I would be with him, in a place where there’s no place for anguish or detachment.”

I love you Aryan “ were her last parting words.


image credits to kle-m of DeviantArt.


Sunday, October 3, 2010

the first kiss.


                                                            the day they met ,was unpretentious,
                                                           but soon then everything was not so obvious.

On a sunny bright December morning, he came to meet her,with her parents no where to be found.

                                                they were overwhelm, yet never utter a word.
                                    It was few days ago that they were lying on the sword.

"now that we could meet often,our lives would be much happier" he said to this she replied with a gentle smile.Her heart was thumping loudly as she moved her feet closer to him and gave a sweet peck on his cheeks, she motioned her head forward to touch his lips with hers. 
The fire that they had been breathing ignited the way they had hoped.

                                                        flowers came blazing down,                                                   
                                                        the odor was wonderful ,
                                                       it made their life as roses in the pool..

" lie with me" she whispered in his ears.
The restlessness and upheaval within their hearts had settled down and they kept staring at each other....
She decided "I would stay up all  night and hold his gaze with mine for I do not have the courage to let him go this night..

                                                                ---- x ------

                    prompted for - romantic room



Friday, October 1, 2010

don't leave me alone.

                                                             take me along,
                                                         before you walk out of the wall.
                                                         This loneliness is heartening,
                                                         and I don't wanna fall apart.

                                                         Hand in hand we make a complete picture,
                                                          hold me tight before I collapse,
                                                        by the drop of the liquor.

                                                   It aches to see you devise...
                                                    and I wanna commit to you,
                                             before you make the move out of my sight.

                                                   Take my hand and walk in the streets...
                                                      let me be close to you,
                                                  just walk with me,till the sun opt to cease.



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