Tuesday, October 25, 2011

It's your birthday.

Another year passed away and I couldn’t hear your voice, though I am happy and that I know you would enjoy your day today.

 I still remember the first time I had wished you; it brought happiness to both of us, for we were tied with the threads of love. 

But today those laces are broken and we lie miles apart. It haunts me; this situation proved a hell of a task for me to handle.

Your absence tore my piece of happiness, though I have lost a great but I guess it will never get notice. 

Winter has set in and with it brought back your memories; the smell of your cold cream, those endless marathons of talks under quilt, the silence of the night while we were busy making castle of dreams, the chilliness of the evenings when I used to arrive at your place…they still give me Goosebumps.  

Happy Birthday dear, (this time it is all more special for diwali happens to be on 26th as well.)

All those nights and days spend together…
I could not have asked for anything better.
They made me sing, they made me laugh.
together we left the world around...

I will remember you every morning,
with a smile on my face…
somewhere you would be having the same.
every time you would feel me.
crossing your lane.

Thursday, October 20, 2011


Imagine a situation when you wait for a friend to get in contact with, after may be….1 month! And you have tons of talk to share, few tears to be exchanged ….and MAY BE you are expecting same (or remotely close to that) from the other side as well.

But damn! It didn’t turn that way, neither from your side and ofcource, it would be useless to mention the other end!

I felt defeated, cheated and betrayed.

Let me tell you about this friend- she’s a girl, (and committed, NO not with me), we studied together in same school since kinder garden and we haven’t met for …….3 years. Thanks, to her busy schedule
Now, we are sort of…… phone friends!!  New term?? Or may be not! Oh, I forgot to mention I am in Kolkata and she’s in Delhi.

Now coming back to my dismay, it usually happens that she ignores my talks.....but this time it was heights!!

 The conversations didn’t lasted few minutes and she fell asleep in between one, ignored some of my comments.....and all this was after she forgot my birthday. Ignore wishing, I had to make her remember that she forgot.

Here are some of the conversations : 

S(friend) - how are you?

A- I am doing good, started blogging again.

S - good hai...so missed me idiot?

A- No, not at all, who gave you this misconception. I was too busy to think about you.

S- ya , ya ...who am I ? 

A- there you go, now you get the point.!

S - oh ho ! New English terms! great.

A - you know, I am a writer....

S- chal na...I know you in and out...writer! huh!

A- ahem, ahem. you know nothing of me inside..!

S - kutte ! pervert. !

A - what? I am just removing your misconceptions...

And now I think I am doing a little injustice to the proposed title. 

Giving a title to every post becomes so hectic, and that too when you are writing with literary nothing on your mind. 
Anyways I am empty with whatever I had, saw zindagi na milegi dobara. Ya, NOW. Was sort of busy, past three months. And I am glad I manged time for that. :)

.                                                                   -----X----

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

conversations with the cousin.

Cousin – di told me about you…

A – Hmmm...What?  (Romancing with the mobile, “damn! The balance is low”.)

Cousin – that,what was the turning point of your life…

A – what was it.?

Cousin – your last affair. !!!

A – (now that raised the alarms. Keeps the mobile aside ), so?

Cousin – so, I didn’t expected you to be involved in these things… you look so serious and focused. But di told me you had a different personality before.

A – (Chuckles)

Cousin – what was the reason?

A- I myself never understood the reason she gave me. May be I was not good enough for her.

Cousin – hmm...but you look sweet and cute!

A- You think so, not everyone around. 

Cousin – hmm...


Cousin – no contacts?

A- Not much, just few pleasantries on facebook. I wished her birthday last year.

Cousin –and she?

A- I block her every time mine comes.

Cousin – why do you do this? (A touch of seriousness arrives)

A- I don’t want her wishes, or perhaps I am afraid she would have forgotten me completely. Blocking her gives an excuse of escaping my proposed thinking........  But she did wish me valentine this year.

Cousin – that’s sweet. Which of course means she has not forgotten you?

A- May be, but I have given up all the hopes. It’s been close to 2 years now.

Cousin – I don’t think so, you still love her don’t you, bhaiya?


A – I cannot keep the thread holding, when the other end is slack. May be things were never meant to be, between the two of us.  

Cousin – so, when is next one coming?

*** lightens the atmosphere.**

A – (Answers with a smile) not that easy. Don’t have time for these now.

Cousin – but you may fall for someone, you never know. Someone right around the corner could be the one.

A – (Remembers the cute girl in his class) I won’t, my feelings are more controlled now.

Cousin – but it happens…

A – Enough! Now go to sleep, I have to catch the train and you gonna get up late for school, tomorrow.

Cousin – (with a grin she holds her teddy tight) good night, bhaiya.

A- good night,
Kids these days are just too curious about these (mummers to himself)



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