Tuesday, November 30, 2010


I saw this mail posted in one of the blogger's, I won't be mentioning his name here because the content below is more important.
I have no idea about the authentication of this mail. But one thing is clear,it shows the current state of our country.You can copy and forward this post.


Dear Mr. Prime minister,

I am a typical mouse from Mumbai. In the local train compartment which has capacity of 100 persons, I travel with 500 more mice. Mouse at least squeaks, but we don't even do that.
Today I heard your speech, in which you said, 'NO BODY WOULD BE SPARED'. I would like to remind you that fourteen years have passed since serial bomb blasts in Mumbai took place. Dawood was the main conspirator. Till today he is not caught. All our Bollywood actors, our builders, our Gutka king keep meeting him, but your Government can not catch him. Reason is simple; all your ministers are hand in glove with him. If any attempt is made to catch him, everybody will be exposed. Your statement 'NOBODY WOULD BE SPARED' is nothing but a cruel joke on these unfortunate people of India.
Enough is enough. As such, after seeing terrorist attack carried out by about a dozen young boys, I realize that if same thing continues, days are not far away when terrorists will attack by air, destroy our nuclear reactors and there will be one more Hiroshima.
We the people are left with only one mantra. Womb to Bomb to Tomb. You promised Mumbaikar Shanghai; what you have given us is Jalianwala Baug.
Today only your home minister resigned. What took you so long to kick out this joker? Only reason was that he was loyal to Gandhi family. Loyalty to Gandhi family is more important than blood of innocent people, isn't it?
I am born and brought up in Mumbai for last fifty eight years. Believe me, corruption in Maharashtra is worse than that in Bihar. Look at all the politicians, Sharad Pawar, Chagan Bhujbal, Narayan Rane, Bal Thackray , Gopinath Munde, Raj Thackray, Vilasrao Deshmukh all are rolling in money. Vilasrao Deshmukh is one of the worst Chief ministers I have seen. His only business is to increase the FSI every other day, make money and send it to Delhi, so Congress can fight next election. Now the clown has found new way and will increase FSI for fishermen, so they can build concrete houses right on sea shore. Next time terrorists can comfortably live in those houses, enjoy the beauty of the sea and then attack our Mumbai at their will.
Recently, I had to purchase a house in Mumbai. I met about two dozen builders. Everybody wanted about 30% in black. A common person like me knows this and with all your intelligent agency & CBI, you and your finance ministers are not aware of it . Where all the black money goes? To the underworld isn't it? Our politicians take help of these goondas to vacate people by force. I myself was victim of it. If you have time please come to me, I will tell you everything.
If this has been a land of fools, idiots, then I would not have ever cared to write to you this letter. Just see the tragedy. On one side we are reaching moon, people are so intelligent; and on the other side, you politicians have converted nectar into deadly poison. I am everything Hindu, Muslim, Christian, Schedule caste, OBC, Muslim OBC, Christian Schedule caste, and Creamy Schedule caste; only what I am not is INDIAN. You politicians have raped every part of Mother India by your policy of divide and rule.

Take example of our Former President Abdul Kalam. Such an intelligent person; such a fine human being. But you politician didn't even spare him and instead choose a worthless lady who had corruption charges and insignificant local polititian of Jalgaon WHO'S NAME ENTIRE COUNTRY HAD NOT HEARD BEFORE. Its simple logic your party just wanted a rubber stamp in the name of president. Imagine SHE IS SUPREME COMMANDAR OF INDIA'S THREE DEFENCE FORCES. what moral you will expect from our defence forces ? Your party along with opposition joined hands, because politicians feel they are supreme and there is no place for good person.
Dear Mr Prime minister, you are one of the most intelligent persons, a most learned person. Just wake up, be a real SARDAR. First and foremost, expose all selfish politicians. Ask Swiss banks to give names of all Indian account holders. Give reins of CBI to independent agency. Let them find wolves among us. There will be political upheaval, but that will be better than dance of death which we are witnessing every day. Just give us ambience where we can work honestly and without fear. Let there be rule of law. Everything else will be taken care of.
Choice is yours Mr. Prime Minister. Do you want to be lead by one person, or you want to lead the nation of 100 Crore people?

Prakash B. Bajaj
Editor Mumbai-Times of India
Keep Spreading these thoughts.

Sunday, November 14, 2010

A friend is not enough.(2)

"almost a whole year has passed out and you are still lost in his memories ? I thought I was beginning to have some positive impact on you..." before he could say more, she shortened  his words.
"I thought the same Aakash, but neither your smilies nor your friendly behavior could make me happy. I think my grief is inconsolable "

She blurt out, knowing well within her heart that she was hurting her friend, again! .
She wanted to tell him everything that had gone through in the past few days. First she saw Anick in her dreams and then Aakash, and how she regretted her dreams for the latter.
A strange silence filled in between them.

"you there " inquired  Aakash.
"at times you appear so joyful but then what happens  in between?. Do you feel this every day and hide them from me.? "
" I bear this torture every day. Not a single night goes when his thought do not penetrate my mind" tears were beginning to appear, yet she tried her best not to let him know.

"you sound pathetic !! wait I am coming there. " said Aakash in a worried tone.
" please don't come...."  the line was already disconnected.

Some 10 minutes latter there was a knock on the door, she quickly opened it, as if wanted to see him.

"hi " he said, as they both stand in front, facing each other.
She opened the door and let him in.

"hmm...it's the worst girl's room I have ever seen "

"oh, how many girl's room you have been into " finding nothing else to say she replied from his lines. "

"wait theres Shilpa, priya, Priyanka.... hey, what are these.... " he uttered seeing the blades ripped with blood.
"shruti , what are these ??? what where you doing with them, show me your hand "  he quickly grabbed her hand in his.
"why do you keep hurting yourself like this. ? You are trying to avoid a fruitful future because of a pained past ,goddamn it, don't you realize that ?  " Aakash distanced himself from Shruti a little.
"why don't you understand this. Dear, dead people don't come back in real life, you need to move on."

"its easy for you say these lines Aakash, but in reality its far more difficult. People may depart but their memories never fades away" shruti choked while saying these lines.

"But whats the use of pondering over those memories when you are suffering with them. Memories are  to make your life better, not to make it worse."

"thats the thing with love, Aakash. You may call me mad but to me, he was my life and he remains the same till today. These memories are the only reminders of his presence. "

"Don't tell me Shruti, you intend to pass the rest of your life with them. "
"I don't know.... "
"what do you mean by that ? Shruti, I may not always be around to see these situations off "

"I didn't get your words... " she gave a blank expression to him.
" I am your friend Shruti, not your husband and plus I have my own life to look after."

She just kept observing his facial expressions, which changed with each word spelt .
"I am shifting my business to Delhi and we might leave by the end of this week"

"Leaving me behind, eh ? you didn't even ... I thought ....I thought you cared for me." 
Shruti stood still, the gravity of the situation was beginning to crawl over her mind. She might be avoiding Aakash in the last few days but inside she knew, how much she needed him to be on her side...

                                                                             ---to be continued.  

Saturday, November 13, 2010

A thing beyond forever.

Ideally, this post was supposed to arrive here 3 days ago, but owing some widget problems I had to delete it.
Anyways, better late than never  

Today, I am going to write about a book , which I would easily rate 'among the best' of my collections.
The reason I picked it up among many other lies in its one liner description - 'the reward for every true love is not love'.
My instincts were spot on, for I had claim my hands on a wonderful yet tragic love story.


From the backWhat happens when life plays a trick on two innocent lovers? What happens when your first love – much against all possibilities – comes back to you in the most bizarre and astounding manifestation ever?
Dr. Radhika Sharma, for the world outside, is an aberrant and arrogant feminist. But inside, she resides in a far-away world like a vulnerable first sketch of an artist. 
One night an innocuous enquiry by a nine-year-old patient coaxes her to open someone’s personal diary. 
And, as she reads on, a bygone era comes to the forefront taking her through a cavalcade of exclusive events that life, love and friendship offer at the noon of adolescence. 
By the time she finishes reading the diary, it’s already morning. 
And by night time she finds herself face to face with a question that defies logical explanation.
Is falling in love a random act or a planned coincidence? Is attraction the missing link between souls? Will the light of true love outshine the dark shadow of destiny?

About the authorNovoneeL Chakraborty has written 3 books, this was his first. You can read his blogs click here.

About the book -  The novel starts with Radhika Sharma, (the main lead of the story ) describing her young age in a flash back.  At her tender age she was considered "smiling always " character ,so much so her parents had to consult her to a doctor.

Page -10, para 1st.

"Anything that's rare isn't abnormal Mr. Sharma. Your child is normal as she should be"

But  the little girl's fate betrayed her, not once but twice, till her name was called Dr. Radhika Sharma.
Needless to say she never traded her career for anything else. But her stern personality was melted down the day  she met Laye ( a 9 year old child ) at her clinic.
To which her past life was disclosed through the pages of a diary.

Page - 24, para 2nd.

" Whenever in the last 13 years, she opened the diary the same feeling overwhelmed her. It was like a visit to her grave with word 'love' written on the epitaph. "

The story then shifts to her school life with Radhika studying in 11 grade. This is the point where another character Raen Verma was introduced . And within the 1st few months of their meeting, Radhika falls for him. And soon they were seen moving around together.

What effect did Raen Verma had on her life ??

What was the relation between Raen and Laye ??

What were the set backs for Radhika ??

I would  leave here, to let you find the above answers by yourself. The story had certain lure to it and it kept me glued for the whole day   @-)
Hope, you as reader would find it as interesting as I did.

Before leaving I would like you to answer a few questions :

1. Do you believe in 'love at first sight ' ?
2. Do you believe in 'reincarnation' ?
3. Is 'marriage' the necessity of life ??
4. What is 'true' love ?

keep all these answer to your mind as you turn the pages of this book.

Happy reading.  :)


Sunday, November 7, 2010

A friend is not enough.

She was lying on her bed when her body suffered an impulsive jerk and to the response, she opened her eyes.
Innumerable times this dream had occurred to her. In the beginning it appeared vague but with due passage of time it became the only means to see him.

Her thoughts were interrupted by the polyphonic version of her ringtone,her mobile was vibrating atop her study table.
She switched on the lights before receiving the call.

"hello ? " her voice was hoarse.
"Hey, where are you, I tried calling you so many times but you never received any. Whats your problem ? "

Shruti was not receiving his call for the past few days,she knew the reason well but it was all within her.

"I don't know Aakash, sometimes I don't feel like talking to you."
"what are you saying ? "
"you are a nice friend Aakash, but I am not always as happy as you. And when I want to pour my heart ,you are either busy or talk with me in such a tone that I fail say a single word. "

"I am not catching with your words here,Shruti. we almost talk on a daily basis, message each other through out the day.And now you end up saying these lines to me.? "
 " how do I make you feel what I wanna say to you. I don not hate you and its not that I don't enjoy your company. In fact, if you were not there with me in those days I wonder how I would have faced those all."

"please explain what you really want.  "
"I want nothing from you, its me who is creating the problem. You regard me as your 'best friend' , but its not the same from my side. I guess your friendship is not enough for me. At times I need some emotional support,a feeling which I can relate to my heart. We do not share these in our relation. At times I tried to be as cool minded as you are but I guess somethings do not change ever.
These were the times when I wanted to be left alone. For I know, no one other than  Anick can make me feel better. But he too cares nothing for me now "...

                                                            ...........to be continued.

Saturday, November 6, 2010

All that I need....

hey there, I have been tagged again and this time by Shriti.
And  the tag seems quite interesting. B-)  So lets start....

1. Put your iTunes, Windows Media Player, IPOD etc. on shuffle.
2. For each question, press the next button to get your answer.

1. If someone asks you, “are you okay ? ?” you say:
Man tarap jaye,jiya dharak jaye... , HImesh  =))

2. How would you describe yourself ?
Tere liye..jhuumo diwana bankar tere liye   'Prince'  :O

3. What do you like in a guy/girl ?
Oo meri jaan.... 'Tum mile '  (sounds weird !!! )

4. How do you feel today ?
I love the way you love me....  'Boyzone'  ( but to whom 8->

5. What is your life’s purpose ?
Ishq jaise hai ek aandhi.... ' Main ho naa'  
(If this is what my life's purpose is, then one day  I would definitely blow away in that storm   x_x

6. What’s your motto ?
Dard e tanhai..... 'JASHNN'   (wow !! tanhai is OK, but dard ??  x(

7. What do your friends think of you ?
tIRED OF BEING SORRY..... 'Enrique'   (hmm  :???

8. What do your parents think of you?
Say it.... 'Enrique'   ( WHaT  :-??

9. What do you think of often ?
CHaR  dino ka pyaar oo rabba...lambi judai.....  'Jannat'  (oho..I never knew that :))

10. What is 2 + 2 ?
everyday I love you....  'Boyzone'  (okay I like maths but not every day  :B

11. What do you think of your best friend ?
Kuch iss tarah....  'Atif'    (kiss tarah.. ? )

12. What is your life story ?
Ready to love again....  'Lady Antebellum '   ( let me fall in love 1st  :P

13. What do you want to be when you grow up ?
Me myself and I....  'Akon '  (good good,perfect answer )

14. What do you think when you see the person you like ?
Dhan te nan....  'Kaminey'    :))  I like it. !!!

15. What will you dance to at your wedding 4th anniversary?
Kurbaan hua....  'Kurbaan'   ( wow !! I wonder if it would worth.. ??  :?:

16. What will they play at your funeral ?
The rain.....  'Akon'      (hmmm...  :I

17. What is your hobby/interest ?
on top of you....  'Enrique'   (sounds absurd )

18. What is your biggest fear ?
Do you know, Do you know ? ...  'Enrique'   (how would you know   :))

19. What is your biggest secret ?
Birthmark..... 'Akon'   :o

20. What do you want right now ?
Gori teri aakhen.... 'lucky ali'   (now I sound like some despo !!! :-L

21. What do you think of your friends?
Khuda jane.....  'Bachna Ae haseeno'   (yeah, he would only know )

22. When you want to rush to the toilet, what do you think ?
soleda,why did you leave me..?  'Enrique'    (who is she??  ;))

23. Person you hate the most is in front of you, what will you tell the person ?
Ring my bells....'Enrique'    ( I don't wanna  here this  %-(

24. You have just won a lottery. What will you sing ?
Kyun,phulon ke rang urr gaye...  'kambakkht ishq '  
(lottery se phulon ka kya rishta,this reminds of another song "ye rishta kya kehlata hai... " 

25. What will you post this as?
All that I need.  .... 'Boyzone'   ( sounds goood ).

oh !! #:-S that was long, but I enjoyed it. Thanks SHRITI. 

Now I wanna tag  Chitranshi , InsigniaZave ,Vij@y , Redchutni .

Hope you guys enjoy this ride, do send me your views. :)



Thursday, November 4, 2010

Just Friends.

This review should have arrived here two months ago but due to my neglect and careless attitude all got delayed. Had it been some other novel I would have neglected it completely but this one is special.

Based on the ever wondered statement  " a girl and a boy can ever be friends.??  " **

from the back of the cover.

She knows everything about him, right from his favorite soccer club to his favorite x- rated websites.
He will complete her English homework, even at three in the night.
She will arrange an Armani suit for him, even if it calls for flirting with ugly guys'.
He has her picture in his wallet.
She has his number on speedial.
They talk to each other all the time.
They talk about each other when they don't talk to each other. 
They discuss everything from periods to playstation.
They have tasted alcohol & then thrown up ...together
They have bunked countless tuitions...together
They can't live without each other
They don't love each other

They  are JUST FRIENDS...

About the author -  Sumrit Shahi is a 12th grade student ,seventeen years of age pursuing commerce from Chandigarh. To my surprise his writings didn't reflected that he is a teenager and I was impressed with his novel.Great going boy  =D> 
Know more about him click here.

About the book -  Just Friends is the debut novel of Sumrit and like I said earlier based on the ever wondered question. Its the story between 4 persons, coupled at a time.The usual outings , talks, fun which happens between friends. The unusual bonding cracking jokes at every possible situation.

               Page 163, 1st para.

                          " November,
                               When we became besharam best friends. Imprinted in history, guided by practice, arrives a morning after six pervent days, soaked in academic pressure and nights leaking in graphic pleasure.  "

      Page 165 ,2nd para.
                   "  even Einstein would be baffled at the growth of potential momentum, the lone case of induction  of  friction and increase in the intensity of velocity between us.  "

They would cherish each moment together , not giving away a single reason to pull each other's leg.

   Page 177,1st para.
               "bye, I am going in and you are not invited, " I turned around.
                " no, please, don't.I am homeless, Tanie. mom kicked me out, " he said in a pleading voice.
                I turned around laughing . "Are you serious?" Nothing in this world was serious though.
                "Yes, " he said in a serious tone.I laughed loudly now.
                "are you okay? When I decide to joke, you get angry even before it starts and when I am serious,
                 you laugh like there is no tomorrow." I heard him and started laughing again.He changed his 
                position and sat crosslegged now.
                "What is wrong with you? " he demanded.  "

The story ends with a sudden jerk,which was observed by quite a few around me.I personally  would have liked it to be more straight forward. 
And there are seldom relations between a boy and girl which remains till friendship.
What happened to their relation ?
Do they keep their friendship alive or ends up in  love relation.??
 I would leave here to find it yourself.
You would certainly enjoy the journey. ;)

Happy Reading.  :)

**  When my friend asked me " so, what answer did you got in the end ? " 
I was like .......8->
she said instantly "stupid !! you have a practical example infront of you,Our friendship " :)



Wednesday, November 3, 2010

no diwali this time around.

Diwali is just round the corner and when the all houses nearby are gearing up for this special day (which includes you guys too ) , cleaning every corner of the house, white washing and stuffs like that.

In between all these, theres a complete silence in my den.
Reason being the death of two  elder members of our family.
 What astonish me more is the fact that, I heard 1st time about them when their parting news was being delivered around.
I was little shocked to notice this, which is quite absurd.

Never the less, the lights would be little dim this time around and my father would also be absent. Specially when we had been celebrating it every year together, every member would arrive  on this very day irrespective of their work location. (which I am sure happens in  every Indian family !! , hmm... this is what I think )
May their soul rest in peace.

Okay, enough of the heavy , its Diwali time and I don't wanna spoil your mood { my followers list is already short, these senti phrases will only decrease my visitors   ;)  }

So, be happy because I am so, today I got two bars of chocolates
( 1 diary milk and 2nd Bournville  } wishing happy diwali to myself I gulped down both of them. Strangely my sis didn't fought with me over them. :(
She says "she not so fond of them NOW ", who cares I to just love  them :))

Okay, knowing that I am not capable of writing long posts I am putting a pause, HaPPY DIWaLI TO aLL MY REaDERS.

And in my case, I would be enjoying my days with  neighbors around.  ( I have to learn to operate that photo shop version as well, any advices ?? plus there had been delay of work around few other events as well. Jingle I  am sorry for the delay and my absence from all your entries, I would try to cover them up. Plus almost a week has passed and I haven't written any poem. )


P.S -1. Diwali is my favorite festival .  :)
        2. I just added these smilies in my blog... cool na ???  :)



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