Friday, May 13, 2011

Crawling back.....

It was 4 months ago that I had opened this page,   NEW POST

I feel like moving my hands over the key board in a arbitrary manner, not to mention I got a new keyboard on the desk and added few extra memory in the Ram as well. But my moniter seem to giving me problems, I will come back to it later.

I had planned to restart blogging 10 days later but I guess the voice inside over powered my determination.

Reason - I would not go deep in it, but I would say I had passed out of the school last year, and with a engineering background I am trying to grab a good college to study. And the gap was for the preparations.

Ah ! I missed this place so much..!!  it was more because I couldn't read my subscribed post than my writings.

I utilized these four months for lot of other activities as well,

# made my 1st robot and participated in a national seminar.
# donated blood for the 1st time.
# shifted my interest from Indian authors to Foreign ones (I know its a lame reason to mention).

cant remember more... I will come back to each of them in coming days.

I just read in one of the blogger's post about 'how people tend to leave blogging due to shortage of time n all'....  I have seen few of the cases myself, sometimes it felt bad because they used to be good.

As for now I am limiting my post till here, got whole lot of blogs to read, few poems to write... And
whoever lands up here , I want to welcome them all.



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