Wednesday, July 28, 2010

bheegi billi news.

chahoon banna rock star....
rehna na chahoon bekar..

par, haath pair jab bhi maroon.
baan jata hoon main khud hi shikar...

these were the words of so called 'BhEEGI BILLI' .and I completely agree with him. :D
poor billi.
but I did got a chance to interact with him before the start of his new show.
heres what 'BHEEGI BILLI ' had to say about himself

main hoon bheegi billi. they named me, college mein.I have few friends, my guitar and my phatti-kismat.
Dono have been with me at each step of my life.My dear friend phatti- kismat has been very loyal to me.
I have no one to express my felings to excepy my guitar. I sing all my worries to it. My shattered sapna of becoming a guitarist, bad at studies ,unsuccessful in love, unromantic life, everything is ab a tragic song.
But nothing can stop me from singing.So, catch me with a tune in the mouth and tear in the eye.....

{I had to stop him in between otherwise he didn't had any intentions to stop.}
sure we would be catching more of you Bheegi Billi and ofcorse your songs....

But these days 9 X m have given him a new job or I should say one more job.
that is our BILLI is hosting its own show called "BHEEGI BILLI NEWS " or in short BBN.
It covers few interesting news from bollywood,which I am sure you would not find anywhere else... ;)

do, stop by the channel to catch it.

Theres another contest going on 9Xm  " KYA BADSHAH BHAI BANEGA BHAI "
Its promo is also very nice.

P.s- when you have nothing to do all day, these silly things tend to  give you so much interest...

source- 9 X m (haq se)

I will be there for you...

"I will not be having any contacts with anyone " said aryan.

"what ? what did you just said ? " enquired prerna.
"I said, I would be breaking all the contacts with everyone "
they were sitting beside a lake, they usually hang out in the evenings.

"you are doing this, all because of that stupid girl. don't you.? "
"I just want to live alone,nothing else"
"don't you dare give me that reason, o.k I have been with you for more than 3 years now, you even started to smoke because of her. man,she left you it doesn't mean its the end of all your life ."

"she doesn't even deserved your love yaar"
"I know that " said aryan.
"then please for god's sake stop all this"
"I had told you I am not doing it for her, I just wanna live some time alone"
"I will bust you head if you say a single word like that, understand " prerna by this time was being frustated.

"see, . you don't need to do these things.I am always there for you and I promise I would make you forget her.there are lots of girls out there. she was to shit before you."

 she turned around to see aryan in tears...
"man, you are crying or what? oh! you are a boy and  there you are crying  like....."
she even couldn't complete her sentence when aryan hugged her close.
and tears were just flowing from his eyes.

"stop crying you idiot, I said you na, I will always be there for you even if you don't want me to..... "
" what I would have done without you " said aryan sobbing.
"you don't have to.I am not gonna leave you this easy, you dumbo...aakhir frnds hote kisliye hain ".
"now go and wash your face,you look totally messed up."

aryan went and splashed some water onto his face while returning he saw a group of kids playing around the lake side.
he was lost in some thoughts when prerna interrupted  him,

"again thinking of her ? " asked prerna.
"then,what makes you stand here ?"
"look at those kids,their life is just full of fun, how dearly I wished I was one of them"
"yeah, childhood days was all about fun and no tensions at all,its only when we have some mind of our own the problem starts...."
"hey, enough of these emotional stuffs. its getting dark I should better start walking towards my house. remember I am still a girl and I have some restrictions on me."
"yup,lets go." said aryan. he was feeling so lucky to have a friend like her...


prompted at   THURSDAY TALES

Friday, July 23, 2010

lonely loon

P.S - this poem has been written by Nipun Ranjan , auther of  'the lost scraps of love'

I liked loved this poem of his,so I am posting it here.

No one is there to say you hi,
You can’t expect even a decent goodbye,
All alone in this world you are,
And no one cries when you’re far.

Far away in an alien place,
Where life is running at a blinding pace,
No one bothers how you live,
They just ask if you got anything to give.

Friendship is also a business these days,
Sometimes indirectly and sometimes in direct ways,
It’s all about what you give and take,
Even the promises and commitments are sometimes fake.

Whoever you get close to leaves you alone,
Lonely again you are on your own,
Nobody has time to comfort your wounds,
They even say they have their own bounds.

And love is such a dreaded word,
Its meaning is getting day by day absurd,
They will leave you abruptly one day,
All of a sudden ,unexpectedly, midway.

Nobody will let you freely dream,
Envying they turn green,
They love to break our fancy world,
And with all the dreams shattered.

All alone you cry,
Without tears; all dry,
You can’t even show your emotion you know,
They will guffaw at your sentiments your passion.

Now when you have realised all this oh loon,
No one is coming later or soon,
And there is nothing that can be done,
You have to live and die alone.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

love me for what I am

"as the time passes away the charm ness of our faces would degrade day by day . But at the end of our lives its not the beauty or wealth you would be remembered for but how you manage to grab a place in somebody's heart" said a worrying mother to his child who was abused by the local kids for his color of the skin.

"but everyone in the family is fairer than me,even you than why did god made me this way. ? " replied the child.

"think in this way son,he made you different from others.He must have felt something special about you." her mother did her best to make her son believe he was special.

"but, do you consider me special ? "
"yes, son you are my most special child." tears rolled down her eyes as she hugged her son.

"never think you are alone and do not loose your hope when others appose you,understood na? "

"yes mother "

"one day the other around you would love you for what you really are"

this kid grew up and became what we all know as Nelson Mandela or

Nelson Rolihlahla Mandela,

who fought against racism and was elected as first black president of S.Africa

P.S- This is a total work of fiction of mine,it has nothing to do with the life of above [hon'rable] person. 

prompted at Thursday tales

image credit to XIANLOVE  from DeviantArt

Sunday, July 18, 2010

love and madness.

Once upon a time all the feelings were playing hide and seek.
Madness was counting and all the others were hiding. Lie told
that he would hide behind the tree.

Love did not got a place to hide.So, he hid himself in the rose bush.

When madness started searching for them, all except love was caught
but envy told madness about love [where he was hiding ].

So, madness jumped into the bush and in the process love lost both
of his eyes to the thorns of the bush.
God got angry and ordered madness to be with love.


P.S- this story was recited to me by someone dearest.

Saturday, July 17, 2010

I wish I could tell you.

I wish I could tell you
how much I wanted to be with you.
The pain of losing you is still there..
why do you act like this
as if you just dont care.

I wish I could tell you how I felt,
when you moved over me.
You said it gave you happiness,
but you didint realized
you were blaming my love instead.

I wish I could make you believe,
for all that I did was pure.
our relation did had a start
but why didint it lasted longer.?

I wish I could tell,
how I dreamt of you night and day,
losing you is not what I wanted.
but I had to accept all these,
as my wish was not granted.

You said theres more to life than me,
I wish I could tell you
there are vacant spaces in my life,
without you.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

I want to go out( cryings of a 10 yr.)

the streets are covered with snow..
how would I get out ?? I just dont know.

why it had to happen this time of the year,
when I was roaming around without any fear.

I want to go out, not sit inside..
my world is there,
then I what I am doing here.?

the streets are empty...
the wheels are struck,
I want to go out,
but my mom doesnt listens to me either.

the indoor stuffs makes me lame.
and I dont want tomorrow to be the same.

I want to go out and have some fun,
but this temperature makes me totally numb .

  prompted at Thursday tales

Image Credit to atxu

Monday, July 12, 2010

the rain.

few  [20] things I noticed today.

1. I cant believe when I woke up this morning it was
     still 8.15 . how did I got up so early.??

2. I had to arrange tickets for my calcutta trip.[ that
    was the reason of my early call. ;) ]

3. it started raining when I was returning back,but
    didnt hid myslf, instead  kept walking [enjoying
    every bit of the drop]. a habbit a lost frnd of me
    gave away as a gift to me.
    [I wish you could hear, I dont fear of rain anymore]

4. and my god! it did said I kinda enjoy rains but that
    doesnt means it shud rain all day. * sigh* :( . yah!
    it kept raining till it was dark. :(

5. but me n my frnds still went out...who gives a damn about
     its raining or not...*the show must go on*  ...
     we enjoyd every bit of it. :D

6. out of nowhere we were caught by few cops. :(
     [ were 3 persons on same bike ;) ] while I was
     fearing like hell, the other 2 found it a some kinda
       joke *ahh*
     they hid their faces while laughing *I wonder wat
     cops wud have  done,if they'd noticed this.
     we were left in a few min though. *a huge relief*

7. and when we were grouping together after that incident,
    they made fun of me ,they said I was fearing like a baby.. :(

8. we wonderd here n there.....but yes, the rain was acompanying
    us hardly mattered to us though. ;)

9. the topic is again taken from one of  akon's song. ;)

10. met a frnd today after a long gap.....but she didnt recogenised
      me at the first site...  :(

11. my computer is surrounded by dust....all fact theres a
      layer on the screen as well....feel too lazy to clean it.   ;)

12. I love reading n writing blogs....^.^

13. have gone out of stuff alredy n its still 13th *sigh*

14. what next..??? *hmm..*

15. I think I got some money today...  :D *yeah* .. finally some weight
      in my pocket.

16. feeling sleepy... :|

17. *hey* I just saw a movie { pyaar to hona hi tha}.
        after a long time, i got to see that.

18. titanic was also showing today....

19. someone praised my works today.. *smiles*    ^-^ .

20. ok, over *relief* . good night   :)))

its not over.

sitting inside all alone..
I have nobody to wipe off my tears,
I have nobody to say "I am there".

I face the reality and truth now...
everyone have their own lives...
and nobody cares for,
other than themselves.

I had decided to quit,
seemed everything was over.
But when I looked around..
there were still some hands,
waiting for me.

some dreams are incomplete,
some dreams are yet to be seen....
And some battles are still,
left to be fought.

I have more in myself..
than what I believed.
I have my friends and family...
and thats what all I need..

Saturday, July 10, 2010

me myself and I.

few ( 20)things I noticed today.

1. met a few school friends today...but I was not even glad to see them  :(  ,everyone talks rubbish .

2. I dont want frnds anymore . would live my life alone ( without them, becauz they all are fake :P )

3. I only have 5 followers  :(  *sigh* { that too including me} but who needs them. ;)
I love writing ,so I write. I wanna be a great blogger. :)

4. a frnd of mine ( I will not leave him,he is nice) patched up with his girlfrnd, for the 2nd time. *happy for him* he was very sad few days ago. he was happy today, way too happy. he forgot me in the process :(

5. college days has not began yet, 1 more month to go *sigh* :(  why do they take so much time.??

6. tomorrow is sunday.*yipee*  would get up late ( probably 9.30 )  :)  . my bed is very friendly.. ;)

7. I have stopped watching bolly movies now. they all have same waste of money.

8. another frnd of mine is not giving my money back  :(.  I need them badly,as I am totally backrupt now.

9. I like fast food. :)

10. I hate summers, its monsoon now..... *yeah*  :)

11. but its not raining.....punjab got our share of rains :(  feeling  soorry for them.

12. we didnt went at the lake today. I want to go now.... *MOM.....*  hmm...too late to step outside. *sigh* :(

13. I love late night walks. :)

14. I love blogging. * I am a poet .  I am ??? ,,I wish I was, but who would tell me??? *   * I am a blogger though* :)

15. I picked the title from one of akon songs.....*u know?? I like his swagga * ;) mom would cook something nice tomorrow..  *yeah* .. my sis stays in hostel, soo I would be the only one have a hand on them..  :D . I wonder what she must be having.???

17. its still 17th... *uff*

18. my sis became 18 yrs.. ( legally!!)

19.we didnt had dinner today,,, mom and I had food ordered in the evening. it was nice *smiles* :)

20. *oh !* atlast.... finish. good night. :)  :)

the calmness of the sea.

The calmness of the sea..
prevails for a while,
its just a matter of time,
when the clouds set a blaze of fire.

Wish these moments lasts a little longer,
the coolness of the breeze, the silent waves...
all I dont want is a storm to disturb my gaze.

The gentle touch of the waves to my feet.
the returning of the birds to the nest.
I wish to watch this a little longer..
I wish to keep this peace of mine..
but how long it would last, now I wonder.

As the wind touches my body,
the feelings are hard to describe...
I wish I could fly like those birds,
and touch that horizon one last time.

I dont want to go,
I dont want that busy life of mine...
I wish of making a home here...
and never say this place good bye.

prompted at Thursday tales

Friday, July 9, 2010


All those nights and days spend together...
I could not have asked for anything better.
They made me sing, they made me laugh.
together we left the world around.

I will remember you every morning,
with a smile on my face...
somewhere you  would be having  the same.
every time you would feel me.
crossing your lane.

I will remember you every evening,
for all the talk we made together...
I have them in my mind...
and they are going to be with me forever.

I will remember you in silence,
and in every heart beat of mine.
you were here in the morning,
but left me when the clock struck nine.??

I will remember you for all the time we shared together,
you are not with me,
but my love will last forever.

Thursday, July 8, 2010


Why did you change so much?
like its difficult for me.
I had loved you...
more than you felt.

I still dream of you
night and day,
waiting for your arrival...
today and yesterday.

Why did you change so much?
I loved you for what you were...
the simplicity ,the innocence..
all gone by the fall of the year.?

I thought I had known you enough,
but you proved me wrong...
I suffered for my mistake,
but  cant regret it now.

You promised to be with me...
but left me mid-way,
its all that you cared for me,
with each passing day.?

Why did you change so much.?
I miss you every single day.
Please come back to me,
thats all I have to say.

the break up

you decided to walk away,
without caring for what I wanted.
you took a step ahead,
and left me there spell bounded.

All my pleading gone in vain,
but it never tickled
a nerve in your brain.

The crashing of my heart
didnt  made a sound...
and you didnt bothered to turn around.

Moping around your trail,
all of my life..
I discarded the dream
of making you my wife.

Time did pass away,
even when it seemed impossible,
I am losing you with each passing day.

Despite all your rude temper,
I am standing here...
waiting for your return..
but does it really matters to anyone.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

to the lost love

for the last 3 years spend together,
your love gave me
what I longed forever...

the bonding that we shared,
the emotions ,the respect and care..
the truth and purity in our relation
was not to be seen even in the glassware.

your love made me shine,
even in the dark patches of night.
Having you on my side,
was always  the brightest part of my life.

the happiness and cries
that we took together...
made our love all more deeper.

leaped in my mind,
slept with a rare delight
your letters ,gifts and love at my side.
my thoughts were rather edged,
when I was in my prime..
to tears and blood I was pledged..

seasons went passing by..
never I did forgot the smile(till today.)
that blew me side to side..
in the tower ever so high.

embracing all the memories,
for they makes me remember of you.
dreams never come true,
but you made me realize they do.

dreaming of you every night,
smiling at every thought of yours,
even if they makes me sad.
what else can I do...
for making you love like a mad.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

sleeping summer

this has been the boring summer of all my life. may be bacuz I have nothing to do (at all). how I desperately wish I would have got something. :(

So, finding difficult to survive, I started my blogs all over again.*yipee*  :)


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