Saturday, January 8, 2011

multi talented ????

I have changed the blog's theme and have deleted a few gadgets from the side bars.I wanted a more simpler look this time and ended up with one of the options from the blogger choice.

As I sat down for splitting a word or two here, my mind drifted back into the past, and I realised, as a kid I had tried a whole lot of activities or what I should say, I had a wide range of hobbies. It now feels nice that I  was and I am exploring every possible act that my heart longs for.

The interesting part being that, whenever I dreamed of getting into a new one, I would invariably think  "I will make my career out of it" and after few months or may be a year, I saw myself making that statement again, deja vu ????  

I can blame it on the immaturity or hmm..I was too young to take these things seriously, I was yet to see the whole world. And like "a crawling baby,who wants to touch every single thing he/she watches' I just hopped on  every odd thing that facinated my mind. (Though,it still does so.. ;)

It all started when I was...(I don't remmeber my age but) about to get into my 2nd standard; my mom pulled me from the playfield to some silly art teacher,who used to teach people how to draw creepy figures,structure on the paper. Yes, DRaWING was my first..what you can hobby !

I sticked to it for more than few year(opposite to what I have mentioned above) till I was in 7th standard. I won a few prizes for myself in that period. (Much to my parent's delight  :)

In between all that I got facinated by Badminton,

got few months of training(from the local coach) and losed the very 1st match, (of some district tournament) and then there was no looking back; Time to move on.

In 7th, I tied my socks for some ball and wood work,

to be more precise Cricket; got training (from the local coach), played a few match within the camp,got appreciation,managed a inter-district match ; my team lost the match. Time to move on.!!

In 9th ,Xth I was totally glued to computer and its applications ;gaming,softwares, hardwares,hackng tricks. Then,it was nothing to move on with but with gradual increase in pressure from parents,had to concentrate on studies part.

In 11th, I got bored of my text books and sneeked in some novels, on my self ; but I never moved on from it.
I find it facinating till today.

12th was when I wrote my first poem and after few months blogs came in the scene and I am still carrying with it.

And even now, I think 'I will make a career out of my writings.   :D

Then few months back I laid my hands on guitar ; Hey, I forgot I had tried skates too, but it was hell difficult so left it.  :(
I even wrote a poem on my guitar experience, you can read it click  here . Its not that good but if you have time, do have a look to it. :)
And I have a whole lot of things in the world to explore, hope the journey would be smooth.

Okay, its the end, I sincerely appreciate your patience, if you are still reading this line.  ;)


Friday, January 7, 2011


Looking at the stars above,
silently they lie,
on the huge bed,
stretched like a black dot
 in the sky.

And never caring for 
what's fishing around,
twinkling at everyone
back at the ground.

Yet surrounded  by many,
and I can't separate one out.

Wish I had friends in that numbers,
defeating my woes,
instead of roaming
like a lone soul in the timber.

But here I lie below,
solitude on the shore.

Crying with the face down.
My arms wrapped around,
with no one on the place to console.

I wish of a friend to blunt out.
I wish I had forgiven them all.

Loneliness was the last thing, I wanted on earth
but when is life fair to us.?

This too shall pass,I patted myself,
closing my eyes
out of sheer laziness.
Preparing for the violent night ahead.


Sunday, January 2, 2011

Teenage love.

Teenage Love : the purest you would get in your life...more so, when it's your first. But does love really exists a 16??
Or it passes away with time as we grow up ?? May be it is one of the jokes, we crack with our friends.???

Taste the initial drops of love ,as Stella finds herself drowning deep in the thoughts of  Andrew. And how she wonders around the streets of Ireland, for some of her life's answers.....

See   FABLED RELATIONS    for more.



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