Saturday, May 15, 2010

FIRST LOVE (male )

The day he met her,
was unpretentious..
but soon then..
everything was not so ovious..

He was overwhelm..
yet,never utter a word.
It was few days ago that...
he was lying on the sword.

Sure his dream was completed,
which mattered so much..
The world around him changed..
which seemed beautifull to watch.

He tremble around..
and was on the run..
he didnt seemed to stop..
which was giving him so fun.

Time began to pass..
summer ,rain and snow,
Trees started to grow..
where there seemed some grass.

All was not the same in his sight..
he did witness the dark and the light.
Like everyone else in the carraige..
he too travelled the low the height.

The clouds are still scattered,
and its difficult to watch..
what seems to be right..
on the road he has travelled so lot.

But he still cherish,
the day he spotted...
the girl in shirt..
with a tiny hole in her pocket.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

First love.

The inaugural paces of their lives,
that they took together,
changed their lives forever..

They laughed, they smiled..
but never had the courage to turn the tide..

The meeting was small,
but they never realised..
how much they would cry...
when the time comes to say good by..

With the memories of each other,
in their minds..
they reached their caves,
but their eyes still folded blind..

Of what they felt,
had never struck them before..
After all, it was Love,
and it surely touched their soul...

Sprouts did came of the seed,
they'd sown together..
the initial moments were tighter..
after all, it was Love..
and they had lost themselves forever..

It was just the beginning..
of a new dawn..
when they paved their way out..
to turn the tide upside down.

The day arrived which brought them closer..
they saw each other..
and the distance was over.

Flowers came blazing down..
the odour was wonderfull..
it made their life,
as roses in the pool..

The wind changed to quite rain..
and their hearts full of springs.
They wanted to fly..
as if they'd their wings.

Yet again they were together..
no regrets in their hearts what so ever..
After all it was Their decision..
which changed their lives forever.


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