Wednesday, July 21, 2010

love me for what I am

"as the time passes away the charm ness of our faces would degrade day by day . But at the end of our lives its not the beauty or wealth you would be remembered for but how you manage to grab a place in somebody's heart" said a worrying mother to his child who was abused by the local kids for his color of the skin.

"but everyone in the family is fairer than me,even you than why did god made me this way. ? " replied the child.

"think in this way son,he made you different from others.He must have felt something special about you." her mother did her best to make her son believe he was special.

"but, do you consider me special ? "
"yes, son you are my most special child." tears rolled down her eyes as she hugged her son.

"never think you are alone and do not loose your hope when others appose you,understood na? "

"yes mother "

"one day the other around you would love you for what you really are"

this kid grew up and became what we all know as Nelson Mandela or

Nelson Rolihlahla Mandela,

who fought against racism and was elected as first black president of S.Africa

P.S- This is a total work of fiction of mine,it has nothing to do with the life of above [hon'rable] person. 

prompted at Thursday tales

image credit to XIANLOVE  from DeviantArt

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Deepak said...

nice tale.


Someone Is Special said...

You used the picture to the most. Congrats.. Do visit my tale in the train..

Yours Frendly,
Saravana Kumar M

K said...

Love the non-fiction embellishment to your tale. Kudos

Amity said...

a good tale Anurag...:-)

keep joining us at TT...and do read mine too if you have time!

good morning..:)


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