Thursday, July 15, 2010

I want to go out( cryings of a 10 yr.)

the streets are covered with snow..
how would I get out ?? I just dont know.

why it had to happen this time of the year,
when I was roaming around without any fear.

I want to go out, not sit inside..
my world is there,
then I what I am doing here.?

the streets are empty...
the wheels are struck,
I want to go out,
but my mom doesnt listens to me either.

the indoor stuffs makes me lame.
and I dont want tomorrow to be the same.

I want to go out and have some fun,
but this temperature makes me totally numb .

  prompted at Thursday tales

Image Credit to atxu

5 people noticed.:

redchutni said...

good going poet....keep it up..i never noe u were having such

redchutni said...

n nobody is interested in copying ur profile...huh...aagggrrrhhhh!!!

Leo said...

a very nice poem! :)

lissa said...

kind of somber and the repetition adds persistant to the words

Someone Is Special said...

Rhymming..Very Good Poem, I am impressed........

Yours Frendly,
Saravana Kumar M


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