Wednesday, July 28, 2010

I will be there for you...

"I will not be having any contacts with anyone " said aryan.

"what ? what did you just said ? " enquired prerna.
"I said, I would be breaking all the contacts with everyone "
they were sitting beside a lake, they usually hang out in the evenings.

"you are doing this, all because of that stupid girl. don't you.? "
"I just want to live alone,nothing else"
"don't you dare give me that reason, o.k I have been with you for more than 3 years now, you even started to smoke because of her. man,she left you it doesn't mean its the end of all your life ."

"she doesn't even deserved your love yaar"
"I know that " said aryan.
"then please for god's sake stop all this"
"I had told you I am not doing it for her, I just wanna live some time alone"
"I will bust you head if you say a single word like that, understand " prerna by this time was being frustated.

"see, . you don't need to do these things.I am always there for you and I promise I would make you forget her.there are lots of girls out there. she was to shit before you."

 she turned around to see aryan in tears...
"man, you are crying or what? oh! you are a boy and  there you are crying  like....."
she even couldn't complete her sentence when aryan hugged her close.
and tears were just flowing from his eyes.

"stop crying you idiot, I said you na, I will always be there for you even if you don't want me to..... "
" what I would have done without you " said aryan sobbing.
"you don't have to.I am not gonna leave you this easy, you dumbo...aakhir frnds hote kisliye hain ".
"now go and wash your face,you look totally messed up."

aryan went and splashed some water onto his face while returning he saw a group of kids playing around the lake side.
he was lost in some thoughts when prerna interrupted  him,

"again thinking of her ? " asked prerna.
"then,what makes you stand here ?"
"look at those kids,their life is just full of fun, how dearly I wished I was one of them"
"yeah, childhood days was all about fun and no tensions at all,its only when we have some mind of our own the problem starts...."
"hey, enough of these emotional stuffs. its getting dark I should better start walking towards my house. remember I am still a girl and I have some restrictions on me."
"yup,lets go." said aryan. he was feeling so lucky to have a friend like her...


prompted at   THURSDAY TALES

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Leo said...

hi anurag, ur tale is very nice.. u have narrated it well..

but how is it in sync with the picture we gave? u've not used it also...

Ms.Meduri said...

hey anurag
as of the ale..nice one...but the basic rule of the picture tale is missing...may be you could have used the picture well..!!!

See you next thursday...!!!

Anurag said...

@Ms.Meduri - is so,I myself felt that.
I will try my best in the next one.

Amity said...

Oh, what a beautiful story, but like you, I also did not use the picture prompt...I just wrote a story about a beautiful friendship. So it's not in keeping with the rules...:)

Maybe we can do better next time, right? Anurag?

Keep sharing your stories, you write so very well...:)

Anurag said...

@amity- thanks for visiting my blog...yup,I forgot to sync with the pic while writing the story...though the theme was, the message was there.. ;)


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