Friday, February 24, 2012

25th feb.

As if there were fewer problems to tackle, one more has popped out. Our hunt for funds by unorthodox way has ended; the reason being we found that “we would end up in paying more interest than the actual amount taken”. Too risky for a new start up.!! 
I wish that someone could escort us from this situation; so that we could focus on our work. I am not getting persons who shares our view or who syncs with our passion and ideas.

My work as the SEO navigator is increasing with each day and I am finding it tough to balance my personal and professional life. I have college internal lined up in the coming week and I cannot leave my freelancing work either; as it I the only source of income. (Keeping aside the money I get from my parents)

I need to devote more time on web, carefully framing strategies to build link for the platforms that we intent to develop in the next few months.

I am single but I have to handle work that can easily be divided between four persons. In between today happen to be Late Steve P. Jobs birthday.

It was disheartening to see the national papers didn’t publish single news about it. I downloaded few videos related to him, got nostalgic with his memories. I wish he was alive today; I am not at all personally related to him but he served as role model.

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