Tuesday, February 21, 2012

21st feb.

This is the 101st post on my blog, should I celebrate or write a post regarding this? I have seen bloggers celebrating this miles stone or things like this. Whatever the case may be, I don’t feel like celebrating today.

I tried contacting four persons for initial funding for my company but as luck would permit I faced rejection, yet again. 
We are facing a tough time looking for investments. The most frustrating part is that I cannot advance further without that seed capital. 

I would be approaching my college for it too, but I don’t see much support from there. 
There is too much politics involved at every stage. But I have to keep exploring.

Our mentor Madam Rimu, is helping us a lot. She had met few venture capitalists today and has approached them on my behalf, still I have to write a business model on a paper and submit. Then they would judge (based on our start-up) if we should get the require funds or not. 

All these will definitely take time and as an entrepreneur, time is the scarcest resource available to me.  

My partner will look for some more sources on Friday; hopefully we would be getting some positive reply this time around.

My income for February has reached closer to 2k (till today). As a freelancer I am progressing pity well. 

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I have changed the title of the blog; it is more like a journey of my struggling days. Hopefully I would succeed as an entrepreneur one day.   

Coming back to the 101st post, I would definitely like to thank the person who is behind all these; you were the reason for which I started writing. Just to impress you, as I was not the smartest person in your life then. But by the time I mastered this art you had gone far away.

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BAADSHAH said...

Hey buudy first of all..congrats on ur 101st posts of blogging...ur blogs have always been a mode of inspiration,entertainment for me....so wanted to say thanx...keep blogging..:-)
n do read mine n plz comment on them...


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