Wednesday, February 22, 2012

22nd Feb.

Things are finally falling in right places, atleast they look like. Going ahead with the investment pitch, we marked two more investment options. Angle investors and a government started funding scheme. Still I believe we have to go in for some of the unconventional ways. 
All traditional funding schemes tend to take more time.

Starting an internet venture is not at all easy; I know starting any venture is not easy but you must have sensed the drift. But sitting infront of the LCD screen for continuous hours, going through all the recent developments adopted or the future methods can blow your mind off. Especially when you are head SEO navigator of your company; you got to keep up with the latest techniques that these search engines adopt to rank the sites. 
Currently I am more focused on the SEO impact of google+ on the organic searches. Trying to resolve its hidden potentials to influence the searches.

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We have more presentations, workshops and project work lined up in the next month. As we continue to strengthen our services the college pressure hover over our heads. Unlike the Silicon Valley, here in India being an entrepreneur can give to immense criticism, losing your family support only worsens the situation.

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